Way more motivated focused & energetic, More confident & able to hold eye contact, Tons more attention from women


I’ll try and keep this short and sweet. Been doing no fap for a while now but had never been able to get past about 15 days or so. This summer I somehow managed to get past that wall and get to 60 days, then to 77. I was now just thinking back on the changes in my life since and while I can’t draw a cause-effect relationship to nofap, I’m sure it is almost directly because of it. So here they are:

  • Lost 15 pounds of fat, look better than I’ve ever looked
  • Eating and cooking healthy every day
  • Stopped wasting time on YouTube, etc. Instead, I only watch educational (exercise, history, science, etc) or edifying stuff
  • Way more motivated, focused, and energetic throughout the way
  • More confident and able to hold eye contact
  • Without getting in to much personal detail, TONS more attention from women
  • Fixed longstanding sleep schedule problems, and began practicing meditation

… all in one summer. It’s been amazing guys, no plan on going back ever.

LINK – My results this summer (Spoilers: Amazing)

by anotherNofapSucess