We need to do a better job about educating kids on porn’s negative effects

I just recently watched a YouTube video talking about how Porn “tube sites” really got going around 2006. It made me think about how the first time I was showed porn was around 2008. Even though I didn’t really start seeking it until 2009, I realize how I truly had no idea on what effect it would have on me.

I was introduced to it at the “perfect” time, I was just entering my adolescence and had not had any sexual contact with a female yet, although my hormones were just beginning to activate. Even though I still got erections from real life girls like crazy, I think over time my brain just acclimated to the screen and my body stopped reacting to things like scent and touch sometime last year. That’s was when I got really scared about not being able to perform with real woman so I quit cold turkey in August 2015. Still have sex and MO but definitely no porn since.

The point I’m trying to make is that education is key. If I would have known that repeated masturbation to things that are idealized and extreme would cause me to develop health problems in the future, I believe my younger self would have stopped immediately. There is a massive amount of young kids that are going to grow up with immediate and unlimited access to porn anytime and anywhere. Honestly I think we as a society need to do a better job with educating the young on the potential negative effects of porn in the long term, before there is a mass problem of sexual dysfunction issues.

I think this will be a huge relatively new problem, because the previous generation did not peak/grow up with immediately accessible porn the way (my) the new generation has. Their brains were not “altered” in the way that ours is. The problem that many are going to start to have will not be below he belt–it will be linked directly to the brain, such as PIED and anxiety induced ED. These are problems which are not so easily treatable by pills.

Tl;dr We need to do a better job about educating kids on the negative effects of porn.

LINK – I Didn’t Realize How Long I’ve Been Influenced by Porn

by downbyone