What is Nofap really? (My 1+ year nofap experience) ED gone!


Do you know what? Hadn’t I done nofap I don’t know where I would be today. I was severely depressed and to make things worse I was suicidal. So before writing anything else I want to thank you guys. THANK YOU!!! I want to reach out for everyone out there. In fact the people who doubt nofap, guys who are struggling in this nofap journey and guys who just found out this nofap thing.

So what is nofap really? What do you think? A magic pill? Or a Magic bullet? Is it something you do for two days and then say ” Agh..this nofap sht doesn’t work. It is totally useless and this is total horse sht”.

Having visited this sub frequently, I have seen many guys just start nofap as something they do once in a while like they brush their teeth!. For most of them fapping is better than anything. There are some folks who are against this nofap and recently I saw a post titled “why do you do nofap” and that guy who wrote it completely bashed nofap by saying all this is broscience and what you feel is placebo blah blah..

So what really nofap is?

I have done nofap for little more than a year in which I successfully pulled of 6 month of hardmode. During that streak I really got good grasp at nofap. Back to the question. What Nofap could do to you are simply the followings.

  • It will absolutely cure most of your sexual problems.
  • It will help you to be your absolute best and pull off extraordinary feats.

Speaking of sexual problems, if nofap does not solve them nothing will. Nofap done correctly can enhance your sex life exponentially. For me it was ED. Now it is DE, no, no bro it is not delayed ejaculation. It is Dangerous Erection. The erections you get after recovery can be used to drill your lady untill her brain get screwed lol. Seriously my friend you become a cave man and down there, it becomes the mini cave man version of you. The mini cave man becomes a monster so as the man who provides the shelter for mini cave man. I will bet on your side if you bet on giving your woman a good time in the bed.

However, I am never gonna bet on the sheets because I don’t know how much sheets you are gonna need when you get into the business which involves trading away your masculine asset in return of feminine assets. If you are in “Nofap doubt drone” when it comes to sexual problems. I can tell ya, get on to “Nofap believer bus” in which you will find cure to all your sexual problems.

Explaning next, does require a solid explanation. I get it. How could not touching your mini cave man can make you a cave man wanting more out of life? I was a doubting Thomas as well. I started nofap in order to rewire my brain and to get my life back and that was all I needed because I wanted to get out of the cycle of fapping, being depressed and repeating it over and over again. Masturbation was mostly what I addicted to. In fact to an extent my mini cave man injured himself due to trying some ridiculous techniques to find a fake cave for him. I know he was a damn idiot. His quest for fake mini cave was ended up tragically with a wounded body! Terrible! Ouch!

Once my mini cave man decided firmly he would never waste his time finding fake caves to hide in, something amazing happened. Not the very moment he decided it happened though. Actually after I was having about 34 days hardmode streak, I was on top of the world, in fact over the moon. Insane amount of energy, surprisingly the number of real and comfy cave owners who had the caring feminine energy get enticed to me went through the roof!. I thought it was placebo until the days where the caring cave owners giving me inviting signals like smiling randomly, being too shy, touching, staring as if they want me to fill them with something!(actually turns out to be it did)!. So my mini cave man was totally happy so was I.

{Note: Check my post ( https:// www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/4kis89/wowafter_34_days_of_hardmode/ ) }

However, on top of all those things, what I found was truly amazing. I really became a cave man who wants more out of life. Reading self help books, meditation, working out were few outlets I had. Here is where it gets critical. If you don’t use this energy and if you choose to just stay at home, you become an agitated and depressed cave man who is no better than a small boy who has no energy.

You MUST use this energy to kick ass ,yours only! Don’t kick others. Actually you become really aggressive cave man with that energy which MUST be used for something productive. This is when you need to go out of the comfort zone and bust your butt for something other than letting your mini cave man to sleep in a comfy cave filled with feminine care and energy IF you want pull off more out of the life. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against for laying your mini cave man in that comfy cave or for coming and going inside it and checking whether all is right in there!

But man please understand if you want something extraordinary, let the cave man to go wild. Seriously man, achieving some extraordinary feat is totally possible if you do nofap HARDMODE . But why can’t it be done in normal mode? Well, your mini man tends to get too comfy in the cave with all those caring and sharing by the feminine owners to an extent you forget that there is a world out there apart from the cave!.When your min cave man gets too comfort and he loses the aggression and courage to pull of that extra ordinary task.

On one hand, it is perfectly fine to lay your mini man in the cave he deserved to be and have that comfort he desires. But on the other hand, if you let him to be wild and be a very aggressive cave man, you become so f***ing masculine and aggressive that you can pull off anything if you channel that energy wisely.

You are gonna really become so strong when you go without any kind of sexual outlet and you will want more out of life. Some say it as celibacy. Napoleon Hill coined the phrase Sexual Transmutation. And all run on the common belt which is retaining your sexual energy (simply not having any sex, porn or masturbation or you can say no ejaculation which is the extreme version!). Once you do that you get so powerful that you get insane amount of courage and everything you need to become GREAT.

Confidence badassery is your normal state. Pussy is all you want but you consciously control that emotion and energy and put it into that journey to pull off extra ordinary feat in which you find more pleasure than a pussy. Yes those journeys do exist! whereas when you fapped, mostly you never get pussy because you are a pussy in the first place!

So brother I hope I add value to you and I think now you can understand what nofap really is. Let me to know what you think.

Thanks for reading

P.s: Although I used the term “Pussy” I don’t objectify women anymore thanks to NOFAP .I used that term to give you the idea of how horny you are gonna become. But you accept that horniness as your natural state. Btw you should have all those benefits as they say in nofap if you do nofap HARDMODE.I don’t know why, if you don’t get those benefits. Maybe you need more days behind you. One last thing, don’t tell anyone that you are doing nofap. Understand that nofap is the ace up in your sleeves. No one knows it and no need to tell

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