Why I returned to NoFap


I never really expected super powers because I started NoFap just to test my self-control. But it turned out that I did actually experience many positive effects. Not super powers per se but definitely improvements in overall life quality and health

I learned about NoFap back in the summer of 2013. At first I dismissed the idea but gave it a shot in the autumn. Just for fun and to test my self-control. I quickly discovered two things. First, that it SO hard. Second that this weird community might be on to something. My life started to improve in many different ways (university, friends, talking to girls, skin etc.) and I got addicted. But I just couldn’t crack the code. I went all the way through 2014 without going longer than 60 days even though I tried so hard. At New Years Eve 2014, I decided that enough was enough and I quit for the 100th time. But this time was different.

Having gone through a whole year (and a few months) of trying, falling and getting back up had taught me a thing or two about urge-handling. Months went by and in the end of March I reached the infamous 90 day streak. I was ecstatic. My life was going great and I thought that I would never fap again. But I was wrong.

Four months into my streak, it all started to become sort of counter-productive. I flatlined and kept on being there for over a month. Urges were not present at all but neither was the energy and drive from the previous months. On top of this I had a very (!!) wet dream which made me afraid to innocently cuddle with girls and stuff like that. Therefore, I decided that enough was enough. I had proven to myself that I was among the few who could do what I did and that was “good enough”. After five months of hard-mode I made the conscious decision to PMO, quit participating in the community and live my life with less PMO but not think too much about it.

I must say guys. Time has been okay since back then. I’ve PMO’ed maybe twice per week and my life is on track. So why did I decide to come back? Having lived without “conscious NoFap” for over a year has really put things into perspective. I miss being on the journey with the rest of this community. I miss the good times, the hard times and the feeling of being a modern monk in total control over my own body and mind. And most of all, I just miss the feeling of being a better man and the thought of one day being a “clean guy” with a girlfriend who doesn’t feel like she’s inferior to pixels on a screen.

And for all of you guys struggling on your personal journey, mark my words. It is worth the struggle.

LINK – Why I quit and why I’ve decided to return

By spartanways