Willpower! New job, confidence, composure, eating disorder better


Here’s my three months of spiritual and physical progress due to NoFap. In retrospect, looking at myself three months earlier, I was a misery. I suffered from bouts of depression. I would get easily irritated and angered. I did not go outside to socialise at all. I was overweight suffering from eating disorder problem.

I would masturbate for instant gratification, and then feel empty due to lack of energy within me. I would then compensate this emptiness by overeating, thinking that I’d regain the lost energy, but only ended up feeling lethargic and overweight. Besides, I graduated in Msc in 2015 but had been unemployed for a long time. Unable to live off my parent’s money, the shame led me to work whatever jobs I could find. Over the course of past year while I was PMOing excessively, I worked through agency as a security guard, construction work; all sorts of manual job to sustain my upkeep. I was living in a realm of vicious cycle of reality, desperately trying to escape.

With excessive PMOing everyday (sometimes several times a day), undoubtedly I was undergoing the stage of psychological paralysis. I did not have the mental power or the will to change my situation. In order to overcome the mental paralysis, I began reading through religious text with the hope that I could find some sort mental support. I read chapters from Bible, Koran, Zen Buddhism, and Bhagavad Gita; all of these books helped in their own way. However, I came across this terminology called ‘Brahmacharya’: people who lead a celibate lifestyle in order to develop and progress their sense of spiritual awareness. While googling about ‘Brahmacharya’, one page led to another, and I ended up finding this subreddit r/NoFap, which has been the major source of support and strength for me for the past three months.

So what are the changes that I’ve observed since I began Nofap? If I could just sum up my change, I’d say it is ‘Will Power.’ Willpower has now given me the strength to control the demand for the food from my guts and focus more on my brain to reject unnecessary desires and wants. As someone who was an overweight person with eating disorder, this is of utmost important step for me. Furthermore, I registered to my local gym and go there everyday of the week, and engage in long cardio exercise. I run about 5 km on weekdays, and 8-10 km on the weekend. I’ve also started punching the heavy bag. Apart from the weight loss, I have sharper reaction, stronger willpower, confidence and gained my sense of composure as a human being.

But the icing on the cake is that, coincidentally, on the exact date three months since I started my nofap streak (10/03/2016,) I received a call from one of the company that had interviewed me for job couple of weeks ago and was told, ‘Congratulation, you got the job.’ What’s even better is that this job that is related to my line of studies and what I graduated in. My feeling is, in the words of neck beards, ‘Euphoric’, and I wanted to share it with you.

Thanks to r/nofap and my brothers and sisters who are in this journey. Stay strong.

LINK – My three months streak so far.

By threemonthprogress