1 Year – I feel more energetic, proactive & passionate about things. Girls are way more attractive

This year has been interesting. As with every streak there were difficult times and easier ones, but willpower prevailed!

For some reason I was convinced I started on the 10th so I would still have 2 days to go so naturally I was surprised to see I had actually already reached 365!

Things learnt:

  • The testosterone boost is no lie
  • The whole super powers thing is very overstated but not 100% false

Compared to this time last year (mind you this may not be exclusively because of nofap, but I definitely think it helped):

  • Girls are on average way more attractive
  • I feel more energetic overall
  • I feel way more proactive
  • I feel more passionate about things
  • I feel like I better person

Advice for long streaks:

  1. You can do it!
  2. Try not to think about your streak, just go on with life. The whole point is to better yourself and not to be obsessing over details. Its nice to reflect now and then, but if you forget about it it gets easier.
  3. If aroused, don’t let yourself fall into games of “I’ll go this far then stop” because this is how you fail. Just stop immediately! Playing these games are destructive and will not help you!
  4. If something is making you feel like fapping, get away from that thing. This one helped me a lot!
  5. Take each day as it comes. Similar to 2., thinking things like “it’s only been x days! I’ve still got 340 days left!” makes the whole process seem harder than it needs to be. If you can do today, you can do tomorrow.

Here’s to another year!

LINK – 1 year! Some reflections.

by TheBeardlessSquirrel