1 Year – I was no one: Now I am top of my class in law school, university representative, secretary student council

One year free. The super power exists, I am proof of it.

I started off the year doing meh on uni, but having a 0/10 ranking in social skill and never went out of my room. I was this awkward dude with no deep connection with anyone except my 2 best friends. I only viewed women in porn and never in real life, and the only girls I talked with were the live porn streamers.

I was no one.

I decided to change, and after one year of doing nofap:

I am top of my class in law school, university representative across the country, secretary of the uni student council. Instead of slacking off and procrastinate I have the initiative, study every day that is needed and am a private teacher of uni subjects I started out failing.

I have met hundreds of people. Now I start conversations, instead of being the one left alone in group convos not knowing what to talk about. I invite friends to plans instead of being the one invited.

I have run for 32 km in 2h46m, and my record of planking is 35 minutes straight. I eat healthy food and drink water every day, instead of the usual Monster can or the chocolate sandwich.

I have met my significant other, and had my first kiss at 20 years old. I am not the shy and awkward dude that stutters when talking to girls if even having the courage of talk to them.

And I have a smile every day.

I am one year free, and so will you.

LINK – One year free.

by Mecuesta1