1 Year – Increased confidence. Surge in energy. Increased social skills. Enjoyment of the little things in life.

I don’t really know in what end to begin when writing this post but I will try to make it as cut-and-clear as possible without having to write pages of boring and mundane reading:

Last Sunday, an entire year had finally passed on my NoFap-Journey and I must admit that I am very proud of this myself and this accomplishment. As late as 13 months ago, I could never have believed abstaining from PMO for a long period of time was possible, not to mention all the benefits that would be pouring into my life as a result of this.

My life before and after quitting PMO for good are like night and day and cannot even be compared. So, only to mention a few of the issues and life struggles did I have prior to beginning my NoFap-journey in February of last year:

-Social anxiety and anxiety in general
-Addicted to porn, masturbation and lust in general.
-Thinking poorly about almost everyone and everything.
-Poor self-esteem, confidence and negative self-image.
-Poor anger management.
-Difficulties in dealing with negative emotions.
-Having a scarcity, neediness and poverty mindset.
-Lack of energy and motivation.
-Victim mentality.

And the list goes on and on.

In February, last year, I decided to begin a challenge (in order to save a few minutes in the evenings) where I wouldn’t masturbate for an entire month. I had only tried once before (two years earlier) and got frightened by the changed and energetic mood it put me into so I relapsed out of discomfort only.
This time though, I decided to commit strongly and after 10-11 days of abstinence, things started to change drastically. I got a surge in energy, everything slowed down and I felt like all the little things in life were enjoyable and great all of a sudden. These were things I used to feel dull and uninteresting before. And then, the benefits continued and I started to reap one benefit after the other. Here are just some of them I have acquired into my life over the past year:

-Increased confidence.
-Loss of water weight.
-Increase in muscle mass.
-Increase in confidence.
-Surge in energy.
-Increase in penis-size (it looks fatter)
-More glowing skin and eyes.
-More nourished and healthier hair.
-Increased women attraction (and from people in general).
-Increased social skills.
-Enjoyment of the little things in life.
-Looking more masculine and balanced.
-Renewed interests and hobbies.
-Revived spiritual life.
-Increased thickness of backbone.

I have also resigned from my current mundane and boring job in order to start a new life closer to my hometown where there are many great people and friends around. The goal is to start a business (in the self-development department) where one of my main customer groups will be men who are currently struggling in their lives. I am sure it is well needed these days when many men grow up with single mothers or weak father figures (like I did), are only exposed to female authorities for their entire lives and never have a good male role model in their proximity.

Lastly, I would like to say, that it is completely possible to turn your life around 180 degrees in relatively short time (like I have done) but it takes a serious commitment and strong belief in yourself and your capabilities.

Remember that “Every failure is another stepping stone to success”!!

LINK – One year update (it is possible to turn your life around)

by Angus McGyver