1 Year – My symptoms have alleviated completely, erection is full, desire to have sex, and energy levels much better


I’ve been doing my way pf [porn-free] for, jeez, 6-7 years. It’s not monk mode, but it has worked for me and it keeps me clean and away from the stuff I must avoid. Today marks the one year mark since I relapsed and binged hardcore p. My last streak was 9 months, before that it was intermittent (4-6 mo streaks).y system isn’t perfect, the rules I live by are simply absolutely no hardcore p/nudity (I try to avoid all nudity but it’s tough. Mainly the sexual acts). Over time I’ve learn to be able to “stop the surge”, the dopamine rush with soft stuff ie instagram, non nude but very close.

Is it perfect? No

Is it like an alcoholic taking a sip of a beer instead of a chug? PROBABLY

Has this way stopped me from going down the rabbit hole? Yes.

Monk mode, imo, is too hard and had diminishing returns for me, triggers are everywhere. You need to build self control and never get to the final draw which is relapsing. Monk mode lets your body and mind fail too easily.

Is this an excuse? Yeah, probably is, but the system works. I write down every day I take it TOO far meaning I dwelled a little bit too long on something non nude/non porn but similiar effects just unhealthy. 20 times this year (so 20 times searching through an Instagram for too long etc). I’ll try to beat that next year.

Haven’t masturbated in years. I have sex frequently so that handles that.

Do I want to do this? Absolutely not.

Do I need to do this? Absolutely YES.

Does life get better? Yes. Stick with it.

Does it completely go away? NO. Never will. Damage done. I will always want perfect women with perfect tops and bottoms and it’s sad. I ruined my life when I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m a total fuck up, pathetic loser, will never know what true beauty will be. It’s seriously depressing and miserable that I’m a total piece.

I almost relapsed one time, Twitter non nude, but really leud. Definitely shot like a P but no sex. Led to nothing because it didn’t break the rule. Two accidental images popped up, I just forgot it and moved on (Reddit not putting nsfw)

This system is something I live by, it keeps my erection up, brain focused, and energy level high.

One thing that I did was stop fantasizing about p during sex. Embarrassing. That really helped a lot. Enjoy what’s on your plate, not in pixels.

I’m extremely happy with where I’ve gotten. My symptoms have alleviated completely, erection is full, desire to have sex, and energy levels much better. Relapsing used to lead to a dopamine rush I would be literally shaking, not good.

I’ve wouldn’t say I’m pornfree by the sub standards but I’m hardcore porn free and porn avoiding for the most part. Overcoming your brain and mind to understand how to handle seeing soft things is key. Not everything means you need to go furiously masturbated or binge porn for hours. Find a plan and stick with it.

I’ve come to terms that I will never be cured or want nothing more than to binge it all day long, but I can control it to make something of my life, not for me, but my family.

I know a lot of people will disagree but whatever, it works for me.

Cheers to good health.

LINK – 365 days clean – looking back

by Johnsmith12121212