1 year of NoFap – Life-changing!

This is gunna be a long post, but for those who are down in the rabbit hole like I was, continue reading this. It might help you in the long run!

Who I was before Nofap:

Before i started Nofap, I was a beta-male. I would fap at least twice a day and this went on for about 7 years. I started watching porn when I was 12 and it carried on until I hit 19. I was always the type of guy who craved social acceptation. I would be extremely depressed, for no reason whatsoever, and i would have this crippling anxiety, which tormented me when I was around people.

Initially when I first realised I had major issues, I didn’t attribute it to porn at all. I just thought I had a disease or something. It was only when I actually started my first ever streak that I realised that porn could have been the reason why I was feeling the way i was feeling.

So I went on to start Nofap, and this was way before the current streak that I was on. When I first started, I received the benefits within almost a week. Confidence, no social anxiety, all of the things that are spoken about, I experienced them. But then I relapsed, and it just became a cycle of self-destruction from then on. What I quickly realised from that moment on was that with every relapse, it took even longer for me to receive the benefits. It got to a point, where I hit my breaking point. I had become numb, lost my friends, and just overall, became a shell of the person that I used to be. This was when I started this journey of over a year.

Journey of this streak:

When I started this streak, It was very hard for the first 100 days. I had anhedonia, depression, anxiety, PIED and extreme fatigue. I never ever felt good. I couldn’t find pleasure in anything. I might have had the odd day when i felt somewhat OK, but it was extremely rare, But despite how bad everything was, I PUSHED THROUGH.

I came up with my own personal plan of how I was going to get through this, and even though things felt very terrible for the first 100 days, I executed my plan and acted accordingly.

After the 100 days passed, I noticed a difference in myself. The benefits came at their own pace, but the first thing that i noticed was a difference in energy. As I had said before, I was dealing with extreme fatigue. It was as if something had clicked in my brain. The fatigue had gone away, and for the first time in a very long time, I had vitality and energy!

The other benefits that I got were:

1) CONFIDENCE- this is huge for me because when i was in the flatline, i didn’t have NO CONFIDENCE whatsoever.

2) RESPECT FROM WOMEN AND MEN- I didn’t bring this up before, but during my flatline and when I was fapping, I didn’t get respect from a lot of people. Fapping really takes away your masculine energy, but yeah, this is definitely a big one!

3) WOMAN ATTRACTION- I love this one. Wherever I go, I get woman attraction. NOFAP helped me in this, because once you get your benefits, you feel like you can do anything. Many areas of my life improved after i got out of the flatline. The way i carry myself, and other improvements that I made, i think caused the increase in women attraction.

4)HAPPINESS- When you’re in the flatline, there isn’t any sense of comfort or happiness. You’re basically in your own personalized form of hell. Once you get out of this, you start to appreciate the very small things of life. Waking up, gives you joy in itself.

There are many other things that I’ve experienced on this journey. I spoke about the personal plan in one of the paragraphs above. One thing which I think helped A LOT, was looking at a note which I wrote, which contained everything I wanted my future version of myself to be. When I was stuck in the hopeless state that I was in, it gave me hope and determination to get out of this. Funny thing is, I believe I have now become my future self. If you feel hopeless, look at this post. I was once in your position. If you need advice, just message me.

One more thing to ask yourself: Life is short. We can go at any time. Do you want to die, knowing that you died an addict, or you died overcoming this addiction, and living a fulfilled life??

Your choice.

LINK – 1 year of Nofap! Life-changing

by warriorvybes