1 year on NoFap – My drive has increased tenfold

I’m practicing this for around a year now, I don’t count days or visit this sub or think about it on day to day basis, in fact I had deleted my reddit account here to stop wasting time. However, want to report back.

I was serial fapper for probably a decade, my health had degraded, I had 0 drive to do anything or achieve anything, Also the Brain Fog. That was the Worst! Came upon this randomly and just gave it a shot, I can report that it has done wonders for me.

I have probably achieved in past 7-8 months as much as I had achieved in past 6-7 years combined, I have got my Desire back to do things and excel at things, started a business at the same time to capitalise on this and I have taken it to a great success as well. In other words, My Drive to do stuff has gone through the roof. It was not some ”motivation increase” for a few days like you would get if you talk yourself in to it, it has been going strong for months, I just find crazy energy to do stuff/achieve things Every single day.

It took about 3months before the brainfog started to go away, it was not instant, but I got rid of it…

Also, I strongly believe that this is not so much about Not fapping, it’s about the Release itself. Fapping/porn is just a waste of time, but I highly doubt that it’s the actual reason, it takes massive resources for your body system to recover after each release, if you do it every day for prolonged amounts of times. Your body & hormone system just gets beat down and exhausted if you keep beating it every day-hence the brain fog/ lack of energy and other stuff. I still probably release maybe once a month or a bit less, I don’t really think it’s healthy for you to keep it in forever and not do it, and I have not experienced any downsides doing it ~once a month.

Don’t beat yourself up like this sub suggests when you ”fail”. You are still going to get 95-98% of the Results if you just stop doing it constantly, 1 relapse in reality will not change anything, maybe you will feel bad about it, but in reality, it really does almost nothing – Start with something! Counting days and thinking about this every day is very counter-productive!

Oh, also I now find almost every woman attractive, lol and I’m eager to hit up on almost everyone. If you haven’t started it already, DO IT brahs, don’t let this stupid stuff hold you back and suck out all your Energy!

LINK – ~1year On No Fap – My Drive has Increased Tenfolds!

by bimbalzoko