Age 19 – 1 year: contentment, confidence, eye contact, fitness, heightened intuition

19/M. So, the other day I tipped over the 1-year mark. Tbh the time has gone extremely quick and I can’t quite believe it has been a year!

Several times I felt like ending my steak especially around 5 months in, but with some advice and support from fellow sub reddits I didn’t relapse and here I am 1 year on.

I’m not going to mislead anyone with false hope or false benefits of this No Fap thing (I haven’t developed wings and been able to fly yet) But I will speak about some of the benefits that I can say are definitely real


Happier – I tend to find I am more of a happier person as you don’t get the guilt from masturbating or stressing to find time to masturbate. Therefore, your day is less stressful and you have time to enjoy other things making you happier which people definitely recognize

More confident – I always struggled with confidence especially from the age of around 16. I’m not really a people person so having conversations and meeting new people is always something I try to avoid. I still do to an extent but it is getting a lot easier. If I do have to meet someone new for the first time then I will do it confidently and know what I am going to say and am able to hold a conversation with them.

Attraction – I see this one a lot and it is one of the top reasons people do No Fap. For me I felt this attraction early last year, Safe to say I hadn’t developed the confidence yet to speak to the girl or “Shoot my shot” so to speak. But the attraction I felt between me and this person was something I have never experienced before and have yet to experience it again since last March (The last time I saw said person) I don’t go to pubs, clubs or house parties as they aren’t my thing so apart from my first experience, I haven’t been in the position to speak to girls. (Someone that does these sorts of things may notice the attraction element more) And no, I am still single and yet to have a girlfriend. So, don’t start no fap and think you’ll get a girlfriend. Wait and be patient.

Eye contact – I was never able to hold eye contact with people whilst having a conversation, I would always look away after 2 seconds. But now I can hold good eye contact during a conversation.

Fitness – From March last year I made it my mission to start getting fitter. I started running for the first time in years and slowly over the summer found myself getting addicted to fitness, Running, weights, body workouts. Went from 0 running ability to putting in 2 half marathons, 30-mile weeks and my best week was a 50-mile week. Holding in that energy to use it on something positive for the body is such a good feeling.

Content – Happy with where I am in life. Got myself a full-time job, getting more confident and all round liking the person I am becoming. Happier about myself too!

Appreciating the world around me – When out on hikes or runs the little things that would always go unnoticed for some reason, I seem to appreciate a lot more and notice, “Oh there’s a tree there, I wonder how many years it has been there for” Small things like that which a lot of people would not even think about.

Predicting things – Strange one, I for some reason can predict things a lot better now. For example, driving home the other night there is a dangerous blind bend where only one car can fit and it’s a 2-way road. I was coming up to the bend and though, “Yeah there’s going to be a car coming around that bend” so slowed right down and boom, A car appears from around the bend. Little things like this seem to happen a lot.

A few questions you might have

​How do I feel right now?

To be honest right now one year on, I am so glad I committed to this and I can see myself carrying this on for years to come

Did I want to relapse?

Yes, many of times I felt like relapsing and have come very close and thought “It’s only one time” But I just jump on reddit and go through the sub and find motivation from other amazing users to not break my streak. Thank you!

My favourite benefit?

Now this is a really good benefit that I almost put under ‘Attraction’ But chose not to as I am not sure I would class it as attraction. SMILES!!!! The best thing about No Fap is the smiles you get from women (Especially the good-looking ones) in the shops for example a woman at the counter scanning your shopping. You walk up to the till and she notices you and gives you a nice smile. You chat holding very good eye contact and then when you leave and say goodbye/have a nice day and you both smile at each other. It is a brilliant feeling!

Wet Dreams?

Probably about 6 or 7. Half of them I woke up and just went to the toilet.

Benefits that didn’t happen or happened very little –

I still have spots on my face

I still get tired

Deeper voice – I didn’t really notice a change

Urges come and go but didn’t disappear completely like I thought they would

​​To sum it up I am very glad I took on No Fap and I genuinely believe anyone can do it. But you have to make other improvements in your life like exercise, hobbies and just trying to fill your time.

​If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them in the comments. Thank you for reading and I hope I can inspire at least 1 person!

​Little tip for anyone reading this that made it this far –

– Always shoot your shot if you like someone, otherwise you may end up regretting it for the rest of your life –

LINK – 1 YEAR STREAK!!! January 2020 – January 2021 – Benefits and advice!

by Jammy57