100 days – Better skin, memory, appetite, deeper sleep, more emotion, confidence

hello guys, I thought I wrote some about my experiences for some kind of celebration. As I remember things I write them one after the other:

– Better skin, bigger cleaner eyes, improved memory, better appetite, better smell. I can feel tastes now. Before nofap I could not feel anything like this. It was very hard to eat most times.

– Much deeper sleep. When i was PMO-ing I was never really awake but same time I could never sleep deeply. Typical zombie mode.

– The most withdrawal symptom has disappeared, but I’m still anxious in social situations. The usual afternoon headaches disappeared completely. I still have nausea at times in the morning, but it is much milder than before.

– I can organize my exercise better. I built some muscle recently. It’s a bit easier to train if you do not have nausea LoL. But at the same time I can feel pain much better. Earlier I used pmo also as a pain relief.

– I have a lot more emotion. I was watching some “lemonade” movies in the last few days, and many times in the end I almost cried. WTF . When I was PMO-ing I could not even watch a movie. I tried sometimes but after first 5 minutes it was just boring.

– Women attraction: Once I was swimming in a public bath. A women could not take her eyes from me and when I looked back she seemed confused. Another time I was driving with female colleagues. I did not do anything but they started to speak loud and they laughed at nothing. Same thing happened at the gym. I was doing sit-ups and a girl stopped by me around 15 centimeters and she did the same thing like in the car. I get more respect from guys also.

– I have more confidence; I don’t think much of what others think about me.

– I meditate almost every day recently. I strongly recommend it to everyone. It can be as pleasurable as masturbation just another level.

– I think nofap is like training. It is hard but it’s worth it. I often have good thoughts about nofap but now that’s all.

-some supplements what I use to feel better: vitamin pack, ashwagandha, rhodiolin, and drink a lot of water

My next goal is 365 days PMO free. But I would be much happier if I only get the PM free if you know what I mean…. Sorry for spelling mistakes!

LINK –100 days hardmode experience

by Blu3bear