100 days changed a lot – I’ll start by saying that I did not have any addiction

I’ll start by saying that I did not have any addiction problem before. I started NoFap to challenge myself and see how it could change myself. So much has happen in the last 100 days and I can’t really tell what NoFap really gave me specifically but I am sure it had an impact somewhere.


I have time to sleep! I use to take 20 minutes to fap before going to bed and sometimes suffer from insomnia until I fap again. Now I just fall asleep so easily and feel great. Bed time equal sleep now which is what it should really mean.

I feel stronger! I always went to the gym but in the last 100 days I really progressed and I feel much stronger.

I am patient! Little things that would piss me off now seem like nothing. My girlfriend is having a hard time and we didn’t have sex in more than 2 weeks and it doesn’t even mather for me now.

I am motivated! I started bunch of project and met a girl I adore. I say yes to much more stuff and I am happy to experience things.

I am happy! I keep an optimistic mindset and it helps me get throught hard time.


– I have some small urge: Sometimes I just think about fapping and I want to do it but I can still control myself. It’s not always easy.

My temper change alot: It might be because I am really busy lately but I have some great days and some bad day where even if I get good news I feel angry.

NoFap is great for me. I did a streak last year for 35 days and restarted because I just loved the concept. Alot have happen lately and I couldn’t be more grateful. I plan on staying on NoFap for a while because I know that if I relapse now, I’ll just be ashamed of myself. So i’ll keep on going, I am not going to set anymore goals, only milestones, and nofap my way though death.

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by MiawPowPow