100 Days – I am just all around happier, a very fundamental happiness. Far more social, sexually active

So Today I reached 100 days. This is by far the furthest I have ever gone on NoFap, and honestly it has been amazing. I just took it one day at a time really. Looking back, I have actually come so far, and didn’t think I would at some points, especially starting out. I wanna keep this real, so I won’t romanticize anything, I will just be brutally honest about my experience with NoFap.

I for sure noticed an upward spike around day 30 where I had immense benefits, levels of which I haven’t since reached, but my normal now is still above my normal 3 months ago.

I am just all around happier in general, a very fundamental happiness. Obviously I have my bad days, but I have a generally better outlook on life.

I have noticed two main differences about me now and 3 months ago. My skin is immensely clearer than it was and has been for a long time. Whether it is a direct impact from NoFap or other changes I have made due to it, idk, but I do know the two have occurred together.

I am also far more social and outgoing than before. I have little issue putting myself out there now and talking to people. Where before I would think things over before saying things to people, worrying about every little detail, I often just say things now (I know this sounds bad like I have no filter or something, but I more so mean I have a normal level now where as before I would overthink everything) This all occurred at the perfect time, I started university and have made so many friends. I just talk to everyone. For the first time in life I find myself initiating conversations with strangers, some of which have led to some great friendships.

NoFap has motivated me to initiate self improvements as well. I am still working on some of these, but I have the drive to do them now where I wouldn’t have before.

Urges were never to hard to beat for me, but I find now 100 days after, I almost never have urges anymore. It’s not like I have no Libido, just it is under control.

I am attracted to a more broad range of girls than I used to be, and I think this is a direct result of NoFap. I find myself thinking a girl is cute where as before I wouldn’t have even given her a second glance.

The whole “Magical female attraction” thing you hear about on here isn’t real, at least not in my experience. There has however been an increase in female attraction. Especially spiking in the last month or so, and it has been more strong than any point in life. I used to not really have much luck with girls, but that hasn’t been the case at all now. I won’t go into details but yeah, definitely more interest from the opposite sex that has coincided with doing NoFap. I’ll just say my Nofap is no longer no PMO because of it, just no PM.

My life is definitely better now than it was before NoFap, on every level. I don’t ever wanna go back. If anyone out there is struggling to get started on this journey just know I was in your shoes 3 months ago, wondering if there was even any point to doing this. I wish I could go and tell myself that yes! It will be worth it. Not only will your life be better, but the need for PMO in your life may fade away.

It is a continuous journey, and I don’t plan on stopping. But 100 days is a milestone so I figured I would post about it.

LINK – 100 Days!

by cactiguy18