100 DAYS report. PMO gone for good. New level of life.


Before discovering noFap used to fap regularly one in every 2 days in average.

Haven’t been heavily fapping during adolescence tbh. Only started to fap regularly after 17yo. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it and I would do it as some stress reliever (like a cigarette) rather than for being horny.

Then discovered Nofap and been in and out streaks.


I had developed a “method” I call the 2/3 method to keep going.

– First of all, if I relapse, I would not binge.

– I then try to take on a streak at least 2/3 of the last one I had. For example, if I had previously a 12-day streak then I would tell myself. Ok you can fap in day 8. Since I already did 12 days it seems easy. And when I’m on day 8 there is just 4 days left to reach a new high streak so I just keep going. I kind of trick my mind.

Don’t beat yourself up after relapsing and at the same time DONT BINGE.


Honestly, during the first month I was paying attention to benefits. But after the 1-month mark, I just got busy with my life that I completely forgot about NoFap the benefits came naturally and I didn’t give much attention to them.

Needless to say, right now. I’m in my best. Obviously, more productive more motivated etc. But what’s more interesting is: Enthusiasm about life! I was always determined and optimistic about my goals. But before I felt like I needed people to see me as cool as a successful person etc. I felt that was what made me happy, but in reality, that was pretty much like fapping not really meaningful when you chase that attention and admiration from people you just become chasing people rather than your cherished goals.

But right now I am just enjoying it, the moment I am enjoying the journey and in fact I feel I started radiating a different vibe and I get even more attraction and admiration because I am not trying to look cool for anybody I am just doing the things that excite me because it’s my own life experience.

In regards of female attraction, I am single and have been throughout the whole nofap journey. But I honestly don’t feel any need to get a girlfriend right now even though I am gaining so much more female attention than before. But I am not actively chasing it. I know I will meet the right person at the right time so right now I’m focusing on my own growth. A few weeks ago, I discovered Wim Hof and the wim hof method. And right now, I am on week 2 of the classic 10 weeks wim hof course.

The really interesting thing is I coincidentally started it at around the 80 days mark so it felt like leaving PMO was the first level to my personal and spiritual growth and right now I am doing the 10 weeks wim hof method and in those 10 weeks I am completely abstaining from drinking and weed and drugs in general.

Porn is just not part of my life anymore. I might get horny but the thought of watching porn videos is so distant right now it’s not even considerable.

Didn’t want to make this any longer if you want to know anything more ask, I will reply in comments.

LINK – 100 DAYS report. Pmo gone for good. New level of life

by Kungfu2016