1000+ Days of Nofap, benefits are compounding very fast

2016: Self improvement, starting to read books, watching documentaries and trying to understand how great minds work. Working harder and going from a good student to one of the best.

2017: Graduating from university with a first class degree in Aerospace Engineering. Complete change of habits and lifestyle. Feel like I am on the journey to find my true self. I have the same amounts of energy as a kid and I am excited to wake up in the mornings. Got a job. Constantly learning new things. Learn about trading stocks and cryptocurrency.

2018: This is where magic happens and all the discipline is showing results. The results are compounding very fast. Exponentially. Enroll into pilot school. I have to wear uniform to school everyday which makes me a man in uniform. I get the girl of my dreams. Escape the friendzone. Body changes, grows a beard. I feel heathier. Diet changes because of celiac disease. Amazing results in flight school. Starts my own businesses. Starts to generate an income while studying full time. This is the life I was missing when I fapped. I feel like 2019 is going to be 10X what 2018 has been.

The power of a man lies in his seed. Nofap and dominate.

LINK – 1000+ Days of Nofap Yearly Highlights. The power of a man lies in his seed…

By DrBuwei