101 Days – Stronger, no longer suicidal, I can identify toxicity

Wow quite a journey, Here’s a list of everything that happened in the last 101 days, by far biggest time of personal growth ever.

  • Depression pretty much gone, I could evaluate my life, I see what isn’t working and what is. I can identify toxicity. I’m going off anti depressants soon. My depression was so bad at one point I was lose to suicide.
  • Confidence is through the roof
  • Won my first boxing fight in front of over 2K people
  • Anxiety is lower
  • More connected to my friends, I’m less dissociated.
  • I don’t see woman as an object anymore
  • Strength has increased
  • Sleep quality increased, tiredness decreased, sleep needed decreased
  • More colour in my face
  • Hairs thicker
  • Skins clearer
  • Happier
  • Calmer, not as angry anymore used to always look for fights and want to kill
  • More personal
  • More relaxed
  • I feel reborn
  • Start tasks with ease
  • I care less about others opinions
  • I’m going to try veganism after New Years and see if it impacts me positively.

No Fap aint no joke. Good luck

LINK – 101 days post. Honest list of the changes.

by bigman19999