107 Days – Feels like a new life. What I have learned.

Currently on a 107 days NoFap streak. Lurking into this sub for a while. At one point in life, I had a very terrible addiction to PMO. It started to affect nearly all areas of my life. I was trying very hard to give up urges. But most of my streaks ended in 4-5 days.

I used to see other people’s stories on this sub & how NoFap benefited them. But I used to feel disgusted at myself. I didn’t have the courage for setting goals. That was primarily the reason that I never set any goals like 90 days of NoFap.

My current streak started on 1st July 2018. In initial stages, I gave up all the urges to fap than focusing on the days count of NoFap. In Initial stage, setting a goal like 90 days felt like Everest for me especially when I used to fap 3 times everyday. So only thing which I cared about was stopping urges.

This looks very reasonable. Even if you reach your goal of 90 days, you should never drag yourself into the downward spiral again. NoFap changed my thinking. Cleared my Brain Fog & gave me confidence to express myself in social situations.

Outsiders out there think NoFap benefits is a placebo effect. But I was doing it with an open mind. Porn is predatory. I realized that the act that I’m watching a hot woman whom I want to sleep with, is sleeping with other man out there. This caused me to feel ashamed at my masculinity. It prompts me to question my manhood.

Even if NoFap is placebo & you don’t care about dopamine study, it uplifted me from this psychological breakdown. I understood If I’m watching another man sleeping with a woman whom I want to sleep with then I’m subconsciously telling myself that I’m an incompetent man. And watching pixelated naked woman should be telling you that you cannot get one in real life.

I missed some interest signals from girls in my real life because porn was causing me to create a barrier for meeting them due to fear of judgement & need to work on relationships. This realization helped me immensely & kept my streak alive.

This is really amazing that 3 months ago, I was struggling with a week streak & currently I’m riding on a 100+ streak. Now I know how beneficial NoFap can be to one’s life. Also, regular posts by you guys were helpful. I hope this help someone who is just starting.

LINK – 107 Days. Feels like a new life. What I have learned.

by BrightTap

A COMMENT by BrightTap

I’ve had nearly 2 flatlines. 1st was about 3 weeks from the start. 1st month was the craziest. I saw very dramatic change in my libido in that period. It spiked at its maximum during the first 2 weeks & then it dropped like I was a monk. 2nd was in September. As for PIED, it was good to have morning boners back. I believe there is still some potential for improvement in this department.