130+ Days – I used get sick almost every month, now almost 5 months have gone by and I’m healthy

  1. I appreciate and love myself so much more
  2. I’m no longer a slave to my bad habits, I’m kicking them out of my life one by one
  3. Started working out and got a huge motivation to do so, dropped 12 kilograms (24 pounds)
  4. Started hitting the gym 3 times a week, loving it
  5. Cut off sweets, coca cola and fast food. That is just garbage food that will make you feel like garbage.
  6. Started reading one book per week, I’m loving it and it boosted my knowledge and sights on this world so much
  7. Forgot about my ex-girlfriend, she undervalued me. Now I want someone in my life who will appreciate me and love me as a person so much more.
  8. I enjoy in little things so much more, like music, socializing with other people, etc. Now I look forward to that
  9. I started to cook and I want to master it. I’m learning how to cook one meal per week
  10. I have much more confidence and I can maintain eye contact with everyone.
  11. I’m now excited for what the future holds
  12. My immune system got better. I was the type of guy who would get sick almost every month, now almost 5 months have gone by and I’m completely healthy.
  13. I’m not a slave to my pleasures, instead I work on my long-term plans and long-term happiness.
  14. Other people respect me more, because they can see that I’m a hard worker.
  15. It helped me to get out of boredom and depression I think that is all, if you want to hear more or if you want to ask me about some tips, feel free to do it. I wish you all luck during your journey!

LINK – 130+ days of Nofap! Here are my benefits

by Coki97