14 years of PMO addiction. My success story.

Firstly I’m proud to say that I’ve overcome this addiction by 100%. This is my last note, which i want to share with all of you. I’ve miserably failed countless times overcoming this addiction.

One thing which i want to tell you is I’ve gained a beautiful home, I’m married to a beautiful girl & I have 2 wonderful kids. We don’t have sex very often. We are emotionally balanced and my wife loves me more every day. Great job & income, good health & vitality. My life is filled with prosperity.

To gain all these I gave my 100% efforts. I never peeked, never gave a chance for lustful thought in my mind. I had few withdrawals at first but when I controlled my thought with good ones i killed the lustful ones. If you seek female attraction or temporary relief you will fail 100%.

I can sense vibes of the people around me; I clearly know the real and fake ones. This thing in one word I can sum up is “VITALITY” I always wonder why the shit is everyone running after female attraction?? There are so many riches to enjoy in life. I’m a free man now. My life is completely healed. I no longer need any streaks or counters.

Make it a lifestyle. Conserve energy, create bright kids. Sex is just physical. Real love is emotional and joyful. The other end is very bright. See you on the other side.

Thank you and Good Luck.

LINK – 14 years od pmo addiction. My success story.

by niko_bertschy