200 days – How I changed my life, got married, and what I learned

Hi guys. I started NoFap 201 ago and now I feel better than ever in last 15 years.
I got married, started to rebuilding my business and met some new exciting people.

I read a lot of tips how to deal with PMO. I tried a lot of them, some of them I recommended to other people, some of them I made by myself.

And here is 6 game-changing tips that helped me get new, better life.

1) Believe you can quit PMO, believe you can change
This was the biggest issue I used to struggle for many years. I heard about NoFap, I knew porn may be a problem, but I thought, that I can’t change, that I’m just that way. And when i finally join NoFap and find people who struggle with same issue and succeed it opened my eyes. The hope I can live normal life again, that i dont have to hide anymore was so liberating, and gave me energy to finally quit.
So yes. You can change too. You can be free today. You just have to do it.

2) Make a commitment to yourself
I used to be so afraid of commitments. I was so scared to do something wrong. I always kept escape paths, which lead my to relapse over and over again. I can’t quit for good i used to tell myself. I was so paralyzed i can’t move anywhere in my life. But one day i decided not to fap again. And i won’t. I decided to marry girl i loved and i did. I decided to do a job i like and i did. And my life started to move again. I was alive again.

3) Plan ahead, keep your schedule
I don’t know how about you, but every time i had nothing to do, or have too many things to do I fapped. Or procrastinate. Or both.
So make a schedule and follow it. You don’t have to work/learn all the time. Schedule things you like, schedule some relax. But keep it. When you have nothing to do, your unconscious mind will find a program to you and it may not be the best program to follow. Try to stay focused.

4) Relationships – IMPORTANT!
This is an important one. Everytime when I feeled unloved, lonely, unaccepted or anxious I used to fap. Porn is always here for us. It’s accepting, not judging, always willing … and it stole our souls and minds.
Care about relationships you have with other people. Partner, friends, family, coworkers…
Find time to talk to people. Call your old mother. Spend evening with your loved ones. Be present. Porn substitutes human relationships and leave us lonely, anxious and socially insecure. Rediscover the power of real relationships. Find now ones and most importantly – care about the ones you already have.

5) Be strict to yourself
Whenever you struggle about something related to porn addiction, be as strict as you can.
– Is it okay to watch this erotic movie?
– Is it okay to look to this nude art?
– Is it okay if i only M without hands…
Well if you want to free yourself from this addiction, try to stay as clean as you can. It’s not a relapse to see some artistic nude photos, but does it help you to get rid of PMO? Almost definitely not. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. So if you’re not sure… just don’t do it.

6) Live to your best

Quitting PMO is just a first step. It’s like leaving a prison. And you don’t want just to stay on driveway in front that prison. You have to go out and do things. You’re free person now. Do the things you always wanted to do. Meet new people. Try to be the best version of yourself. Because when you stay in front that prison and keep whining how much you miss your prison cell – soon or later you’ll be back there.

So that’s it. I am still on step away from fall back and relapse. I still struggle with urges. I have my ups and dows, but anyway i feel just great and my life is wonderful without porn.

And what works best for you? Share your tips guys. And thanks for reading.

LINK – DAY 201! (No P & M) How i changed my life, got married and what i learnt from last 200 days

by Foxhole [account link no longer available]