Early 30s – Lots more optimism, energy, happiness, patience, ambition, enthusiasm, strength – and a satisfying relationship

Time is going by so fast I didn’t even realize yesterday marked exactly 6 months! My life feels extraordinary and I’m so happy.

I’ll try to keep this post short, even though I feel I could write a short novel on all the ways I look at life differently these days and just how much removing porn from my life has done for me.

In a nut shell, I have lots more optimism, energy, happiness, patience, ambition, enthusiasm, and strength. I have LESS anxiety, depression, procrastination, criticising thoughts, and compulsive behavior.

For me this was not just about only removing porn and making no other changes. I became very interested in removing other types of high stimulation/low effort behavior, such as TV and sugar etc. I switched my mentality to high effort/moderate stimulation (or reward). I think I’ve finally figured out that doing shit just SUCKS but ya just have to do it. Don’t wanna wake up early and go for that run? Well, that means you should. Don’t wanna study for that test? Yeah, just do it. If you can harden your mind in a lot of other ways, avoiding porn almost becomes effortless. You begin to see just how fucked up it is and how it holds you back from your true potential. Porn, sugar, binging TV, they all just keep you “comfortable” and the growth and power comes from being UNcomfortable and still succeeding.

The best part of this whole story is I’m in a relationship that is truly satisfying and I feel like I honestly have a shot at real love and only wanting to be with her, rather than take her for granted and go off and fantasize about other women in a different room. In my opinion, when you use porn, it creates such a high drive for sexual novelty, making it nearly impossible to be fully committed to one woman. Removing porn can make you so in love with that one REAL person.

If you are new to this journey, I know it sucks in the beginning but rest assured big changes and rewards await you ahead. I welcome any questions or PMs and I wish you all the best!

(Last extra note: good nutrition, sleep, exercise, and meditation and all extremely helpful!)

[Age?] Early 30s. I [quit because I] think I just felt very trapped by it, and I realized how much it was interfering with me being able to have healthy relationships. I also had no idea how negativity it affects self worth and self esteem! I pretty much hated myself most of the time while I was using and never knew why

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by AWonderfulJourney