21 year-old guy beats porn-induced erectile dysfunction

Hey guys I’m gonna talk about my success story with ED. I hope this post don’t be a trigger.

That was the reason I started nofap. I was 21yo dating a 31yo woman that I met on the internet. We’ve been on online dating for about 2 months and we decided to meet each other in real life. Her aunt had an apartment that she didn’t use anymore so we decided to stay there for few days. In that time I used to PMO every single day. I had no idea that PMO could have impact on my sexual life. Well, I admit I was nervous. I was a 21 virgin and addicted to PMO.

As soon as we entered the apartment we look each other and we went to the bed. Now she was naked and I was dead inside. I had no emotion, no idea what I was doing and my only reaction was to get naked either. I couldn’t get hard. I remember all those porn videos I watched just were washed from my mind. I didn’t understand what was happening and at this point I was embarrassed because of ED and she was okay because she knew I was virgin so she thought that happened because of that.

The only thing I could do at that moment was oral sex. And that’s what happened during all the day long. We tried hours and hours to make me hard. I remember she had some natural v i a g r a s that probably was used for her ex-boyfriend (I know it’s funny and controversial) and I tried all those things and didn’t work. She was confused so she said “Don’t worry, we have all the entire week to try again”. And we spent all that week trying to make me hard. Well, some times it worked but it was really bad and weak. I tried fapping and didn’t work neither! I had no idea what was happening.

So after I got back to my house I entered the bathroom and I fapped. So I was now really confused. I didn’t try to search for a solution because I thought that happened because I was virgin. After some 2 or 3 months (We lived away from each other) we decided to hanging out again. Now I wasn’t so afraid and nervous than the first time and I could get a bit hard. The 3rd time we saw each other the same thing happened but now I had an orgasm but through fapping.

A funny moment I remember I tried to make a video and as I said I couldn’t get hard and when I see us on the screen of my cellphone I got hard. That was the moment I see something making sense. One time she went to my own house and we had sex on my own bed. And guess what? I didn’t get hard enough again! So now I was really upset on myself and I finally tried to search for help on the internet.

I saw a lot of guys talking about ED caused by PMO and I didn’t’ wanted to believe it. I denied myself to believe until one day that was the only way to try it. I told her my problem would be PMO and she didn’t believe me. She never heard about porn addiction before.

First time I tried to stay away from PMO for 10 days and guess what? IT WORKED! We were so happy I finally could get really hard and have a real orgasm. That was amazing. One of the best things I ever experienced! She almost cried guys and now she believed that my problem was PMO. The second time that we hanging out after I stopped PMO I got 14 day of nofap. That was even better. I could get hard at any situation and position. I felt so alpha and manly. She saw I was different and sexiest than the other times. She could feel my energy flowing in my body. I felt like an Alpha Greek God.

And that’s how I discovered the nofap community. That happened to me 2 years ago. Now I’m single and still trying to beat PMO. I really hope my success story can help you guys. Peace!

LINK – 21 years old guy beats Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

by SullivanKyle