Age 16 – I always thought I was weak and untalented, but I managed to prove myself wrong

It all started 2 years ago when I wanted to change and reach the top of the world. I decided to do NoFap, quit gaming and social media, and basically do everything a teenager normally wouldn’t do so I could develop self-discipline. It took me 5 months to reach the streak I currently have on NoFap (hard mode).

Over the past months of me doing NoFap I introduced new habits along my journey. I went to the gym, took cold showers, started swimming, studied harder, creating a company (still work in progress), learned about the 4th dimension, started playing an instrument, studied the universal laws etc.

Sure, I have a girlfriend now. Sure, I have perfect grades now. Sure, I have a good looking body. But the thing i’m the most happiest about is the fact that I changed my life. I always thought I was weak and untalented, but I managed to prove myself wrong. Everyone can change, as long as you put in the work.

NoFap was a great way to start changing. It gave me the self-discipline to keep pushing forward. My goal is to reach the top of the world. RTT everyone, and if you have questions feel free to ask me. I would love to help you guys out!

Edit: Thank you. There really aren’t many people who appreciate my change. There are more people I know in real life that try to knock me down by calling NoFap “stupid” and that “by 16 you’re supposed to drink and party” than people who support me. But that small amount of people who believe in me kept me pushing forward, and it made me happy to know that that small group of people believed in me.

Posting this on reddit was a amazing idea. I now know that there are many people who support me and believe in me- Thank you very much everyone! I can’t explain how good I feel about the positivity and the tips I have recieved! RTT!!!

LINK – 16 years old, 400 days NoFap. Quick thanks to everyone, this’ll be the first and prolly last time I post here.

By StevenFate