3 months clean – had sex last night – Pornfree CURED my PIED!

Woohoo! I’m so relieved and happy about this!

So I’m over 12 weeks clean, and before I quit I didn’t realise that porn was having so many negative effects on me. I wouldn’t binge on it for hours or anything, but when jerking off I would almost always watch a video.

Sometimes I’d go a few days without it because I was trying to avoid it, but it was on my mind a lot and I would get excited about watching it again. I quit on a spur of the moment thing and haven’t looked back since.

I’m not very experienced when it comes to sex, in fact I’ve not done it much at all. However, whenever I did have any sexual experience, I was so nervous and couldn’t stay hard at all. This was so embarrassing for me, and at one stage I even cried afterwards because of how awful I felt.

I’m in London at the moment – I don’t live here, I’m here for a night on a layover. I had sex last night here, which was my first time since quitting porn. In fact it was long before that since I last got any.

I wasn’t even slightly nervous this time, maybe it’s because I’m more confident in myself now, and I’m in my mid-30s.

Let’s just say it was so good that I finished during the second position, which was within minutes. However, this is something to celebrate. I didn’t get PIED.

Now, we tried again soon after, but it was WAY too soon (seriously not long after) and I couldn’t stay hard because of this. Also I was still tired from practically pounding her the first time, but hey – I was able to stay hard and finish, which is something that I couldn’t do before because of porn.

I’m so happy about this. I will not go back to porn because life is too good without it in many ways, and particularly because I don’t have PIED.

Thank you for your support, this community is amazing. I’m here everyday!

TL:DR – I had PIED, quit porn, 3 months clean, had sex, no PIED.

LINK – 3 months clean – had sex last night – Pornfree CURED my PIED!

By – u/vancityguy25