3 years later – I am so much happier now. I’m no longer anxious or guilty.

3 years ago I was hooked on all things porn and vice. I was stressed as fuck at work. I was visiting rub n tug massage palours and engaging in phonesex, cybersex and watching porn at great personal cost to myself and my marriage.

3 years ago to this day is the last time I visited a rub n tug. I came home after a night of heavy drinking and stopped in at one of those places. It was so seedy. Anyway I was hungover and guilt ridden the following morning and confessed to my wife. We had an almost newborn at the time. I was in a depressed and anxious cycle of self-loathing. She didn’t kick me put but obviously she was shattered.

In the last three years I have taken stock of my life and reflected on where I want to be and have taken on this addiction.

I am not perfect but as of today:

  • I am 3 years since seeing a rub n tug (I’ll never go back).
  • I am 60 days PMO free.
  • I exercise and meditate daily.
  • I have taken full ownership of my addiction.
  • I listen to motivational podcasts and read literature by David Goggins, Jocko Willink and Jordan B Peterson.
  • I limit my alcohol intake

I am so much happier now, I’m no longer anxious or guilty, I am proud of myself and eager to continue this journey. I have a clear head and I can walk tall knowing I am not hiding my issues or betraying my wife.

We can all do this guys and girls. Thank you to this forum for being a support along the way.

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by Tryinghardtoquit