Age 20 – 3 years of NoFap changed my life

I am currently on a 41 days streak and i wanna share the story of how NoFap changed my life.
This is gonna be quite a long post so brace yourselves xD.

Let’s start with my background. I am 20 yo male from Western Africa. I am a college senior majoring in business management in a Moroccan college. I discovered NoFap back in 2016 when I just started college.

I discovered it after a very painful rejection. At the time, I hit on a girl I was madly in love with and she rejected me by the hardest way possible ( didn’t care about my feelings and publicly humiliated me. I’ve been laughed at because of that rejection for almost 2 years). This rejection made me question my value and my life choices. I was an average teenager with crippling social anxiety and self esteem issues. I used to spend all my days playing videogames thus I didn’t have any social life. I was just doing enough to go by and I was flunking my way through college. She rejected me for ‘better dudes’ and that was my turning point.

I asked myself why did she choose those guys and what was wrong with me. I realized the effects of my PMO addiction and I decided to improve myself. NoFap was my 1st choice. Most of us think that NoFap will cure fix all our problems and that 90,120 or even 360 days streaks will magically turn us into alpha males with girls begging for our attention. Personally, I believe that NoFap allows us to discover our true selves, hidden by years of PMO brain conditioning and gives us the ability to unleash our true potential. I started working out, eating healthily, drinking water, sticking to a good sleep schedule, feeding my mind with positive and empowering content.

I really worked on myself along with staying away from PMO and I witness changes in my everyday life. My journey had a lot of ups ( the superpowers) and a ton of downs. My longest streak so far is 124 days and I’ve had a looooot of relapses before reaching that. My journey also allowed me to discover myself and I realized that I was in a very dark place. In fact, I didn’t like my college major and my environment; I was fighting the PMO demon but everything was set up for my failures. After realized how depressing my life was, I took action to better it.

NoFap gave my the strength to drop out of my shitty college and start pursuing my dreams. It wasn’t easy at all; I hadn’t any concrete way out and my grades were faaaar below average. I basically didn’t have any way out nobody believed in my dreams. At that point of my life, I would have lost my shot if I hadn’t had the confidence boost from NoFap. I made huge sacrifices (love, friends, time, money) and it eventually paid off. I got the opportunity to study in another country and I am currently studying something that I love in the US. This is a huuuge accomplishment for a guy like me and it wouldn’t have been possible without NoFap.

Now, I am still facing life challenges and urges from time to time but I’m the happiest man alive. I can proudly say that I made it through the storm that looked like it would never stop.

To the Fapstronauts out there going through hard times.
To all my brothers who are being beaten down by life
Just hang in there
Just believe in yourself and stick to NoFap.
It will get you to places you’ll never even imagine.

I really hope my story will inspire ome of you

Wish you all the best

Link – 3 years of NoFap changed my life

By RoadToSuperSaiyan9