300 days of nofap – what’s changed

1) I’ve lost something like 40 lbs, went from obese to pretty fit.

2) I’ve recovered from some injuries and gone on to make strength gains through consistent exercise.

3) I have almost zero social anxiety now. I enjoy meeting new people and socializing.

4) My focus and memory have improved significantly.

5) I feel a lot more motivated to improve myself and tackle problems right away rather than procrastinate or run from them.

6) My energy levels are much higher.

7) I’ve been reading books and studying a lot more. I have learned so much while on this journey, it’s truly amazing.

8) I feel like my thinking is a lot clearer and sharper. I think both nofap and losing weight have helped here.

9) I have more hobbies and interests than I did before.

10) Women are more welcoming and interested in talking to me. It seems like some of my female friends now find me attractive, but I could tell they had 0 attraction to me before. Nofap made me more confident and sociable, but losing a lot of weight and gaining muscle are probably a big part of this.

11) I like who I am and where I’m going. Sometimes I felt hopeless about where my life was headed and the mistakes I’d made in the past. I used to know exactly what I needed to do to succeed, but didn’t have the motivation or drive to actually do it. Now I have that drive and I have that motivation and it’s great.

12) I feel emotions more strongly. I used to be more apathetic or numb, whether something was good or bad. Now I really feel it when I’m happy or sad.

13) No weird smells in my room.

14) I’m usually not the one to break eye contact.

LINK – 300 days of nofap, what’s changed

by Seeking_Discipline