329 Days, healed my PIED, and then…

I went a full 329 days without watching porn.

Things that happened during that time:

  1. I didn’t feel disgusted by myself anymore. Watching porn is just watching 2+ people having sex and that’s some weird shit. I convinced myself of it and it helped me reach 329 days.
  2. I developed better relationships with women. Seriously! I have several female best friends and it’s the first time I’ve had a relationship with good looking girls on a friendly term.
  3. My self confidence sky-rocketed. It kind of had to. I wasn’t jerking off to some fine ass girls on the internet anymore. I had to actually go out and shoot my shot and try to get girls.
  4. Got a girlfriend! I was actually really scared to have sexual encounters with women because I had PIED. But that went away once I stopped watching porn for SO long. Literally rewired my brain to like normal looking (but good looking) girls, not some ridiculous pornstar.
  5. Overall, my life is one that I became quite satisfied with which was a drastic change from before I started my streak.

And then… I fucked up. One day, I kept thinking about some pornstars and said fuck it, it doesn’t hurt to watch one time. And just like that – my longest streak ever was gone. Since then, I’ve gone on and off with watching porn. My longest streak since then being 50 days which I just lost yesterday.

I feel kind of shitty and I know I need to do better. I just wanted to write this post to share my experience. It is possible to go days without watching pornography and I think all of us can do it! It just sucks that certain memories of porn are just so ingrained into our minds that even the slightest stimulation can completely “de-wire” our brains.

LINK – 329 Days and destroyed myself (my experience)

by rimscode