365 days – No superpowers, but I replaced an extremely toxic behavior, developed healthier habits, which ultimately led to a greater life.

Hey everyone! I’ll keep this short but I just thought I’d share about my experience on NoFap.

My journey with NoFap probably began a few years ago and it seemed like every time I would try, I would ultimately fail a few days later. This went on week after week, month after month for far too long. I remember my first actual “success” was managing to reach 30 days and it seemed like the exact second I eclipsed the 1 month mark, I relapsed. This was followed by relapse after relapse after relapse. After nearly 4 months of repeated relapses, I began dating a girl who was incompatible with me (and I knew it) but I stuck with it because I didn’t want to quit on the relationship. This taxing relationship went on for 6 months as I began spiraling more and more out of control with PMO. She ultimately ended the relationship due to distance (I had to relocate for work) and it crushed me. It shouldn’t have – she treated me poorly and refused to make me a priority in her life – but nevertheless, it really hurt me. That’s where my journey to NoFap truly blossomed.

I was so distraught from a relationship that shouldn’t have meant that much to me. My lack of emotional depth caused me to search for outlets that could help lead to a positive change in my life. I stumbled across NoFap again and thought I would give it another shot.

The first 2 weeks or so were the hardest but I made sure not to give in (obviously easier said than done). Just seeing my counter keep increasing was really motivating for me and I kept checking each week to see the icon change. It was the simple change of the counter icon that was helping change my entire life.

A few weeks later, I hosted a party for some friends and invited this absolutely stunning girl. I had beer, pizza, and music all while being surrounded by great company. Between the combination of alcohol and singing our hearts out to some outdated music, we all fell asleep contorted in different positions on the couch. I woke up at some point in the middle of the night and saw everyone passed out around me. I went into my bedroom, grabbed a blanket, and draped it over her to keep her warm until the morning when she would drive home. As I did that, she woke up and instantly our eyes locked in a way I’ve never experienced before. We spent hours just talking to one another. After I while, she blurted out how badly she wanted to kiss me and that was the only clue I needed. From the second our lips met, we were completely inseparable.

That relationship lasted about a year and a half but was by far the greatest time of my life. I shared to her my struggles with PMO and she was entirely supportive of my newfound lifestyle free of porn and masturbation. It allowed me to be free from that toxic behavior and gave me my old life back where I could be as silly or as serious as I wanted to be. Did it give me these “superpowers” everyone talks about? No. What it did was replaced an extremely toxic behavior and allowed me to develop healthier habits which ultimately led to a greater life.

After surpassing the one year mark, I decided to voluntarily give in and relapse. One small decision instantly brought back the addiction and it’s been an uphill battle ever since. Take a look at my counter…yup, a wimpy 2 days. But that’s fine because I know in just a few weeks, I’ll be up to a month and the days will just fly by as I enjoy the life that NoFap showed me I’m deserving of.

If there’s one piece of information I’d like to share, it’s that you just need to give yourself a chance to be happy. Is NoFap going to cure everything? No. But it certainly helps build the solid foundation on which happiness can derive.

I know this was a little relationship-heavy, but wanted to use that as a selling point since I see so many posts about never having a girlfriend or a first kiss or whatever. Everything you’ve ever wanted is just waiting for you to reach out and grab it.

Thanks for reading. Best of luck to all of you.

LINK – 365 Day Report

by Hatching_Chick_Emoji