365 Days – PMO Enemy Guide

Ensure you know your enemies

‘Avoiding PMO’ isn’t your adversary. You’re fighting multiple enemies.

If you’re just starting out, your initial enemy is already hard at work bombarding you with insurmountable sensual urges.

This enemy goes by The Chaser Effect.

The Chaser Effect will be your greatest enemy early in your journey. There is only one method to fight back. Resist.

The Chaser Effect feeds your subconscious temptations; do not avoid the urges, distract yourself, or beat around the bush. You must direct your full attention towards The Chaser Effect when it attacks. To successfully defeat it, you must teach yourself the discipline of embracing uncomfortableness.

Become obsessed with being uncomfortable. Taking cold showers, initiating eye contact, shifting blame on yourself, and owning your awkwardness are daily steps in pursuing yourself. In regards to a full-fledged Chaser Effect attack, you will have sit and resist your sensual desires while your screen taunts you.

Your dopamine addicted brain will entice your mind by flooding your cognizance with your deepest fantasies and possible fetishes.

Do NOT divert your attention from the temptations, instead, devour the cravings and become obsessed with the cravings. But, never give in. Don’t take a cold shower, don’t go for a run, don’t work out, don’t do anything than sit there and embrace the array of feelings. It’s miserable. Do this, and you will master the discipline of embracing uncomfortableness.

If mastered, the Chaser Effect can’t turn you on. However, the Chaser Effect is never entirely defeated, a hand will always stick out of the water. In some cases, long-streaks are broken because the individual believes they have killed off the Chaser Effect completely and it resumes control. The Chaser Effect is a worthy adversary and should be treated accordingly.

You are ‘not above your own desires.’

Your next enemy Dopamine.

Your brain is starting to miss its daily dose of dopamine at this point. When you indulge in PMO, your brain gets a surge of dopamine. Opening your browser for porn causes penile erection, this is a result of trace amounts of dopamine hitting your brain. It lets the brain know that more significant does are inbound and to prepare.

However, you’ve drowned The Chaser Effect so you can resist the temptation to open your browser for porn.

Beware, player two is about to enter the game. Your brain is a product of adaptation, so it’s going to call up its friend Fantasizing to help break you.

You’ve deprived your brain of a quick fix, so its response is to self-stimulate, vigorously. Fantasies of scenarios, people, fetishes, moments, and other sensual, stimulating thoughts are going to flood your mind. Give in, and relapse is inevitable. Fighting two on one isn’t a fair fight, but you should be willing to try. Recognizing the fantasies is half the battle, learning to redirect your attention is the other half.

Unfortunately, PMO is a war with no end.

Every battle will keep you on a path filled with benefits, but you should accept that this path has no end. Fortunately, you aren’t alone and time is on your side. Dopamine uses Fantasizing is a tool so the goal will be suppressing it before it tempts you.

Recognize when you’re fantasizing, and then create a mental block. It’s not an activity or a mindset, it’s instant meditation. Instant meditation will flip your life around, but acquiring the skill is hard and takes endless practice and self-awareness but its possible.

A mental block is anything that will instantly block, clear out, redirect your focus, or kill a thought in its place. If you find yourself fantasizing, try to block it from occupying your thought stream, redirect your attention away from it, clear it out from your other thoughts, or kill all your thoughts.

At 365+ days, I use a combination of all of them.

These are the tools that’ll keep you focused in any situation you’ll encounter. Outside of NoFap and PMO.

Eventually, you’ll regain control over your brain and natural stimulants such as making eye contact with people you’re attracted to, talking to them, noticing small stimulating things like eyes and smiles will have an effect on you again. Before, only overly sensual things like ass and tits had a dopamine release.

There is a distinct difference between an accidental glance at something beautiful and full-blown staring at it. Appreciate what you saw, then don’t look again.

If you do, you’ve fallen to dopamine.

If you begin to fantasize what you’d do with it, then you’ve fallen to fantasizing.

If you abstain from both, you’ve reached mastery.

This information brought me to 365+ days on my first streak, let it bring you further.

Be self-aware, recognize your weaknesses and develop skills you’re lacking.

LINK – 365 Days: PMO — Enemy Guide

by Forwardlization