365 days success – We are bound to be a minority who knows the truth

I know how much we all love reading success stories, I am almost on 365 days of Nofap tomorrow and I have been reading soaring eagles book, on rebooting as the best remedy to PMO. I am grateful to @HMHU for providing The material for me to download to my kindle to read in my own comfort zone and spare time. I hope all brothers and sisters on this website can benefit from rebooting material and articles written by other forum users and authors. I would like to share with you an excerpt from the book slightly reworded, hoping that it will help you grow stronger and move forward. I found it to be very mentally beneficial, motivating, uplifting.

Here goes,

Increasing brainpower, avoiding wet dreams, cultivating health, regular reading and studying.

Due to PMO and or wet dreams the brain Decreases in power. PMO or wet dreams Injures brain power. in traditional Chinese medicine pmo injures the kidneys and damages brainpower. The main areas that are affected are our memory, comprehension, concentration, and thinking abilities. All these are significantly affected. They all take a downturn in varying degrees. Producing the following symptoms in a person , Stupid, slow to react, lacking impatience, restlessness, easily angered and agitated.

When the brain power is low, chores and tasks become difficult. The reduction of brainpower is especially disastrous for students involved with PMO.

Under normal circumstances, recovering from PMO is relatively difficult. It would appear that it requires half a year of rebooting and health cultivation. It’s a gradual process which requires the following, controlling wet dreams, stop sexual fantasies, actively exercising, silent meditation, brain nourishing food moderate intake and maintenance.

When these points have been thoroughly applied, brainpower will enjoy a substantial recovery. When brainpower is increased, a person will refresh. Difficult topics will become easier to understand, meaning easier comprehension and determination , Concentration, memory and comprehension will increase.

Rebooting Has the ability to raise the level of wisdom in a person. Once the brain power has been recovered a change in destiny can be a achieved. One brain power is good things you did previously which were poor, in all becomes easier. Your destiny will change accordingly. Brainpower is important, cut out PMO.

Improve on the speed on advancement of your realisation.

The thought process. First step is to reform the thoughts, increase the awareness of Rebooting through studying . To reboot, the thoughts must be transformed. Through study rebooting Will become easier. Through understanding other peoples experiences your own awareness will increase and when confronting various reporting issues you will then have a reliable answer. If you don’t study you will have a hard time rebooting. A little each day is making progress. thoughts must be transformed. Once study mentality kicks in, awareness will increase by leaps and bounds. The more regular and thorough your thoughts rewire, the easier it is to reboot .

On a final note it is important to maintain daily vigilance. After thoughts have been rewired you will notice you are out of tune with the people around you. Because you have fully understood the truth of PMO. You have seen it for what it really is. most people are on the road to self-destruction completely oblivious to the approaching symptoms.

Society today has been polluted by pornography ideology and sexual debauchery. In addition to the harmlessness theories promoted by doctors and Alike, therefore the vast majority of people are bound to not see the truth clearly.

This precisely confirms the saying, truth is controlled by a few people.

We are bound to be a minority who knows the truth and what we need to do is find the proper timing and method to help our brothers and sisters, help our former selves, and in the process help ourselves.

LINK – 364 days success & the science of Rebooting

by UK Lad