390 Days no PMO – Keep getting complements

I don’t know genuinely what to tell you like how it feels now, but there is sense of pride now.
Since if u want to know how it went check my Previous thread 90 days & 2 more ( i don’t know exactly how many just check them out if u want)
Nobody is too important for me now.
I see everyone on same scale.
A 42 year old lady showed me her tits, for some women attraction seekers in the post jokes apart that’s true.
She is talking to me laughing ,hitting on me.
Girl’s, ladies notice me from too long distance, I find it difficult to recognize them, like that much long.
Lot of laughter is shared in these days.
Oh well,
I Am Graduate now. Fuck that was so easy.
I Got the job where I get paid high..first ever Job That to by campus placement.
I Resigned Like that much freaking confidence
I know I am capable of more, if not think about self worth now then when?
Building my self up Gained lot of social knowledge.
From being a quiet listener when in people or groups to the dominant one now.
Is Respected around all aspects of life.
Every girl talks at least half hour with me on phone that’s the min. Call timing I am sharing.
I sleep to much now a days like for 8-10 hours complete sleep. I never got such type of sleep since very long time may be because of my studies going on.
Started working out again Today Is day 1.
Thinking to cut down sleep hours. To wake up early to star journal again. being meditating everyday to always 10 min. Every time I wake up from sleep.
Lesson learned?
Ans: Patience is the key. It is very important it is very soothing to wait to let something good to happen still giving it your efforts waiting and generating new opportunities since it doesn’t happen, u are already busy trying doing something new no time lost. Keep exploring.
Dig Deeper whatever topic is in your head. Value your thoughts. They are very flighty.
No woman has seen me with anger or guilt from I don’t know when.
Having quality time with girl being physical. has few accidental encounters with pornographical images but it doesn’t Matter porn doesn’t create any thoughts in my mind now. I forget it in like 10-15 mins.
Keep getting complements so often now Like attractive voice, lovely eyes, nice body, Personality, walk, looks, nice human being. Friendly etc etc.
More loved by family members.
Have lot of plans and wishes to fulfill and accomplish and working towards them.
I have quit procrastinating little bit and that’s to much for me. I am working on it.
Thank God for this wonderful change.
Feel free, Ask. Tell. Suggest.
Rather than liking comment something.

LINK – 390 Days No PMO.

by gentleman_2