4-year NoFap report, relationship story


At 8 months I could control my adrenaline at will and it feels like your body is making its own cocaine, all through the day. I didn’t need to smoke weed anymore, moderate caffeine usage, cold showers (like you just walk in them and wish they were colder), at least 100 push ups, and 100 sit ups, 6am cardio (you just need to get your heart rate up in the AM, use the College gym), confidence, confidence, confidence, a peaceful since of self (meditation, headspace), and I did, no hesitation, dreams are no longer dreams,

I helped people, enjoyed people, life just felt right, like if I passed away at that moment I was ok with it, because I was happy.

I was just in a permanent state of being in the moment.

Just broke up with my girlfriend. Short story, she’s too religious and needs me to be. Im not, nor will I ever be. In the past I would have stayed for the companionship, but I understood the writing on the wall and respectfully ended it.

Before she caught me, I was 8 months in of semen retention. This is a post I meant to write about along time ago.

This is when she caught me. She caught me, because I was paying her no mind at all in the courting arena. She was beautiful, but I was on a journey.

Honestly guys, she got me in the nerdiest way, she bought a raspberry pi after hearing me talk about them, then she asked me to set kodi up on it at her apartment. Things took off from there.

When you have empirically felt semen retention being in a relationship with a girl that wants to stuff can be challenging. I got lucky, through her faith she was still a virgin, which was perfect, because I didn’t want to have sex!

Eventually she got me to spill seed by performing other acts, and I lost the semen retention gift, but not the no-fap gift. But I had her.

This is where the question entered my head, stay with her, love her, don’t look at porn, be a good man, have the kids the wife, and be happy. OR, find out where that man would have went had he stayed the course.

I love her, but she does not believe in the dinosaurs. (anyone close to me reading this post and this is a dead giveaway), and people for up to 600 years before jesus came. So that’s a no.

I told her I will be a good person to her always, if she ever needs anything to call, and if we are ever in the same area together and you have your new man, because you’re an intelligent beautiful woman, to respect my feelings because even though you won’t see it, I’ll feel something.

Then I made my exit.

She taught me how to be good.

So now I’m 3 weeks in semen retention. 7 Classes from my Cyber Security degree.

Today Is the day: I choose life, semen retention, meditation, cold showers, reading. For 3 years I will have this be the foundation for my path, oh this path is fun I tell ya, then I will reevaluate, it has been good to me and now i fully embrace it.

Finding this sub was life changing, I found this sub 4 years ago looking for porn. And we all do it for different reasons, heck I started it for the girls, but we all know it contributes to our lives. Thanks for ALL your post, this all relatively new to our generation and all information should be welcomed and is on this sub.

My brain seems to have run out of steam here so I shall end it here. A good time to begin meditation. Also get flux if youre on pc, my eyes don’t hurt at all!

Its late, im not editing, there are run on sentences and stuff. Don’t say and stuff

I love you guys!

Stay strong brothers & sisters!

LINK – My 4 year No-Fap/Semen Retention report, all summed up in 1 ended relationship

By BlackDragonIVI