400 Days Hardmode – No longer have brain fog, I don’t have social anxiety, I have happiness even the small things in life

Wow 400 days today. And I can say Nofap really has blended into my lifestyle for quite a while now I already went through the flatlines, withdrawals, and the brain fog all which is something in the past now. I no longer crave to see anything that relates to porn, I quit social media a few months ago accept Snapchat for only messaging that’s it. I’m so happy within myself I love myself, accept myself and I never compare myself to others in any way. I’ve already beaten this addiction and it made me stronger, self disciplined, and determined in pursue another year on hardmode. I still do get intense urges time to time and I always control them but they arnt urges to watch porn but urges to go out and seek a relationship. Urges will never go away that’s one thing I notice,

The benefits are very beneficial and I won’t ever trade it for pmoing or porn. I no longer have brain fog, I don’t have social anxiety or constantly think of how others view me as I don’t care what others think. I have too much confidence within myself to care what others think. I have happiness even the small things in life make me so much happier, overall my social life is good I enjoy talking to others. I don’t try to find ways to seek their approval and I just be myself and if they don’t like me then ok it doesn’t bother me.

I also no longer cover or hide my face in pictures I have the confidence in myself that even pictures don’t scare me.

My body has become pretty fit and I always lift and do push-ups to release my high sexual energy. My posture is also very good.

I love myself I no longer care how others think, I don’t get anxious around attractive women or anyone else, my eye contact is at a point that I can have a conversation with other and it’s very good feeling to not feel any shame or guilt!

For people on wanting specific benefits there’s a lot but here are the main ones. No brain fog, I have strong self control and very self discipline, No social anxiety besides being naturally nervous sometimes with new people, No heart beating when I’m around people, a lot of Attraction, confidence, and happiness, Respect from others and more

Quitting pmoing is one of the Hardest things a person can go thru you are already on the right path to success! even if u have a relapse it’s only a step back don’t worry guys, time is your friend and in time u will be free from this horrible addiction! Focus on finding ways to improve your life add hobbies, go out even just to walk anything u do to improve yourself is the best thing u can do on recovery find a better thing to replace the bad habits one step at a time

LINK – 400 Days Hardmode!

by YoungBaller23