450 Days – My confidence soared. Social anxiety is gone. I enjoy talking to girls.

I’m on 450 days of Nofap so far. The following steps help me a lot in the early days:

  • intermittent fasting,
  • I totally quit social media since then. The first days are really tough,
  • I also set parent control in my iPhone. It really helps a lot because phone gives a very quick access to porn sites.

Blue balls are pain at the beginning.  When I reached around 60 days I started to get flatlines, that’s where your mind shuts down, no sexual desire at all and the feel of anger. I had flatlines for almost 6 months.

The benefits are real:

  • eye contact improves, especially when I am talking to girls I enjoy looking at their eyes it gives me a feeling of happiness
  • I sleep for less hours and I feel good
  • my confidence soared, social anxiety is gone
  • and finally I enjoy talking to girls since I no longer look at them as sex objects,

The Journey is still going on. I hope this gives you some encouragement guys because if I can do it, I am pretty sure everyone else can.

LINK – Almost 450 Days of Nofap (Quick Recap)

by zyadbenassi7