My eyes look more alive now

Hello everyone, welcome to my long ass post fapstranauts

This is my first post for NoFap.

Today on Aug 4,2020 i completed 429 days of NoFap and i am really proud of it with just 3 or 4 relapses.

I am 31 year old and i started fapping and watching porn when i was sixteen. I was a smart and very motivated person before i started nofap. Fapping just drowned me really deep down into the ocean , I didn’t even realize that i was drowning.

Everything i did because i have to, nothing movtivated me . I was dragging in my life with no real goals and i never understood why.

There were even girls who wanted to hang out with me but i was really interested in the girls onscreen. No one in my family or friends gave me any warning about what i started is going to have serious consequences in my life . Not even in school i got any education about how precious is SEMEN in a man’s life. Its the life source of all Human race which should not be wasted so easily.

But i was just fapping and watching porn all the time. I used to fap 5 or 6 times a week consistently for 14 years until i found NoFap.

I was just sitting in my car one day after work and thinking whats going on with my life I don’t have any control over my life and my dreams are slowly fading away and I can’t do anything.

Suddenly Universe blessed me with a NoFap video made by Sean while i was watching Youtube( For some reason that video is deleted now). I just thought to watch it and My God that video literally changed my life. I never heard of NoFap before, so i started searching about NoFap and found a lot of success stories. I started doing NoFap that same day and at the same time i started watching other NoFap videos and reading NoFap success stories for my motivation for NoFap . I knew its gonna be really hard for a fapper like me to start NoFap so i was feeding my subconscious mind about the benefits of NoFap.

I started NoFap on June 2, 2019 and below is the timeline the things that happened in my life which gave me more motivation to do NoFap :

Started 06/02/19

Awesome talking and listening to my dad , it felt like this is the first time i am understanding him of what he is saying because i had really really serious Brain Fog.

Second amazing thing that happened same day , i was talking to my neighbour outside my house and suddenly i heard some screams in a van and that van stopped and the driver reversed the van and told me that my girls were screaming because they think you are really cute. My mind was blowwwnnnn. Many people told me Handsome in my life but nothing can be compared to this.

i work in a gas station and i see this girl almost everyday but on this date she asked me are you married and asked me to go out for dinner few days later.

My energy level going up super high, need to do something
Digestive system getting a lot better

I made a manly decision that i am really proud of now and my family members are surprised by it. They are really happy and proud. This energy is making my mind more clear and my emotions really stronger. I don’t think I would have made this decision before nofap.

A girl who i know for a long time and a customer at my work gave me a hug for no reason.

My friend told me do u put mascara in your eyes , because i think they look more alive now

From last few days my brain is telling me to eat better food, less cravings for junk food


From last few days i am feeling a lot more confident, something inside me wants me to talk bluntly

For some reason i listen to bad ass songs instead of sad songs which i used to listen. Maybe NoFap gave me hope for my bright future and positive vibes

My aunt said how u got so smart in 1 and 1/2 year because i seen her after 1 1/2 year, i think it was because my mind is sharper and no brain fog anymore.

Made a really manly decision, which i am very proud of because someone said something really wrong about my family which they should not have done that. I felt fearless , after NoFap I don’t take shit from no one.

Alright this is a big one for me, some girls gave their numbers to me without me asking them but this time THE MOST BEAUTIFUL girl in my city gave me her number on a napkin. I really was surprised by it , I can’t even express this in words right now.

From last few days i am feeling complete, I don’t need anyone to fill up my life . It feels so calm and awesome

As you have seen the things that happened to me on all these dates , so my benefits for NoFap are :

1. Clear thinking
2. Brain fog gone
3. Motivation to move forward and be successful in life
4. Energy levels gone up
5. Female attraction is awesome
6. Better posture
7. Emotionally strong
8. Peaceful and calm mind because I don’t think about porn and sex all the time
9. Better skin and eyes
10. Hopefullness of a better life
11. From “can i do it“ to “ i will do it” attitude

I still get urges once or twice a month but i feel a lot better now. I think nofap is one of the best things ever happened to me. I feel like a totally different person, now i am incharge of my life and emotions rather than controlled by my emotions and pixels on screen.

I think we can all do nofap , its hard but when we get the benefits of nofap it’s totally worth it.

The things that helped me achieve that long streak are NoFap videos and NoFap success stories on the nofap website. The link below was one of the 2 videos i watched everyday for first 90 days to recover from fapping . It really made me understand what nofap really is but unfortunately the first video is deleted by youtube , that video was so awesome that i want to personally meet the guy who made it and thank him for changing my life forever. He was sent by this universe for me , thanks a lot Sean.

The second thing that helped me was i wrote down in my notes why i am doing NoFap and read it everyday , for example

Why i am doing this?
1. Motivation to find a real girl, have real orgasm.
2. So i can increase my focus on important things.
3. To be successful in life, don’t want to be stuck at the same place.
4. Because i am really heart broken that I can’t get my dreams without that energy and focus
5. So i can stay manly all my life
6. So i can live a fulfilling life
7. Because i want to save my most precious energy for my dreams
8. So that i can learn multiple orgasms

I really hope that this post can help my fellow fapstraunts who want to live a fulfilling and happy life and get out of this BLACKHOLE of PMO ( Porn Maturbation Orgasm ) .

Thanks a lot

LINK – My 429 days success story

by Shoe lace