490 days – Every story you hear is true. More energy, more strength, clear mind, focus, vision, I turned back into a stud who is in control.

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Day number 490 for me. For me, the key is having a bag of tools that I can use to replace the need to look at porn – reading, wood working, yoga, running, meditation – these are all good tools. My tool bag has grown with a lot of go to items. I have so much more free time – tons of it.

The free time feels great since behind it is not guilt or fear of being discovered or hiding. Just good honest free time.

The constant thought of sex and anything sex related and the constant erections went away. It was controlling my life while destroying my life. I really have so much more time free. The free time still catches me by surprise.

Addiction to porn made me small. It made me feel that I was alone and in hiding – a fake. Giving up porn allowed me to be large and in the center again. It allows me to be transparent and open.

Lust is gone. The craving is gone. The temptation to follow the path to view porn has been replaced with self control that says, nah, don’t want to go down that path.

My sexual preferences and kinks turned more generic. The porn was tricking my mind to think I really want “insert kink” in my life. The balance or returning to my normal took well over a year to fall into place. Being home alone and not thinking of or searching for porn or accidentally finding porn is a wonderful feeling. Each day of my viewing porn took me down a level into desiring the next level or stronger dose of porn.

To be upfront with you… sex is wonderful. Sex is great. The erections are great – however, the strength of the ejaculation is not as strong as it was when viewing hours of porn. Mentally, this does bother me a little but the trade off is downright scary.

All of the stories you hear about super hero powers is true. Every story you hear is 100% true. More energy, more strength, clear mind, focus, vision, I turned back into a stud who is in control. It’s a wonderful feeling.

The visions of the porn clips have left my mind. I’m sure if I really think about it, I can recall clips but they want to explore this is gone. My brain doesn’t fill my head with this anymore since I’m not asking for it.

Day 490 is wonderful. 24 hours in a day. It’s a good life. More power to you brother.

LINK – Day 490 – Free from porn

by authentic4life