Going porn-free cured my PIED

I just want to make this post so that those with PIED (porn induced erectile dysfunction) can feel inspired and hopefully encouraged – you can reverse the effects of PIED with a sustained effort by quitting porn.

I started porn free because I was embarrassed that on hookups, it was a coin flip if I could stay hard when a girl would go down on me, or if we started having sex. For context, I’m a healthy male who works out 5x a week, eats right, sleeps well, in their 20s who in no way should have issues with ED, but I did. I knew this wasn’t right, and it was this that pushed me to find a solution.

I started with the larger NoFap sub, who say 30 days of no masturbating, porn, or orgasm is necessary to reset your brain, but I also visited here, PornFree, which I find to be a much more grounded (read, not deluded with visions of superpowers) and supportive community.

I didn’t masturbate for 2 weeks, and I could really feel it affecting my sex drive and overall mood, but eventually I thought fuck it, it’s the porn that’s been overstimulating my brain, I’m gonna masturbate to sensation alone. So that’s what I did, and boy it was odd. It’s like I had to relearn the skill of imagining myself in a sexual situation. I think you know it’s bad when you imagine sex by default in the third person, instead of in the first person, especially. But, it worked, and I felt relieved.

One week later I had a girl over, and I felt nervous, understandably, but also because I wasn’t sure if I’d fail to perform like I used to. But, in spite of all this, when it came time to do the deed, it all worked like a charm, PIED cured!

All other aspects of my life were the same, the only thing I ended up abstaining from was porn, and now I’m cured. It’s brought me so many other little benefits too, like not feeling morally conflicted about consuming an exploitative product, and a more powerful imagination. If you’re on the fence, and think this is a waste of time, please, give it a go. Make it to a month and see what a wonderful difference quitting can make.

I don’t consider anything a relapse unless I’ve consumed porn. Orgasms, either with another person or alone, I think are completely fine. But hey, that’s the bar I set for myself, totally appreciate others may be different.


I’m no porn star. I found that I lasted a little less long, but I’ve gotta say that it’s a lot less embarrassing than not being able to get hard at all. Also, sex isn’t just the penetrative part, in fact, most of it shouldn’t be imo.

Oh, and you’ll find a second round is way easier for you to achieve and your stamina will be waaaay better that time. Basically, don’t worry about that [PE].

[Another reply]

You don’t need a partner to fix this problem. If you can’t masturbate without porn right now, I guarantee that by two weeks of not masturbating to porn (or anything) you’ll be so horny that you’ll easily be able to with just sensation as a stimulus alone.

Not that I’m an advocate for nofap, but go two weeks without, then try. Trust me it’ll work, and once you’ve done it once, it gets easier time after time after that. Good luck!

LINK – Going Porn Free did in fact cure my PIED

By Tpdanny