50 days – Cured severe delayed ejaculation

M for 14 years, last 10 years PMO daily, for a few years I’ve had severe DE (I never came during head, had troubles PIV or sometimes even during girl giving me a handjob).

I started the challenge after a great day with my old friend with benefits – always good to have one, even if we meet maybe just a dozen times a year (we live quite far away). I couldn’t O neither during her giving me head nor PIV, and had to finish with my own hand, what was kind of embarrassing (even though she was very open and not judging, as always).

So, we’ve just met after 50 or so days of dry spell and – voila, I came three times, once during blowjob and two times PIV, no problems, and I definitely could do it at least 5-6 times a day. Now I’m just gonna need to learn to control it – my DE never made this an issue.

It works for me, and of course YMMW.

Success story – 50 days and counting. Cured DE

by alaido

INITIAL POST – Almost day 50th, getting hornier every day.

Flatlining? What in earth is flatlining? I come home and want to have some release, I see a pair of teen long legs and I want to lick’em, I even consider calling a few of less-than-ideal female friends and simply asking them if they want to fuck…

There were some good aspects during the first month: I had a lot of energy, self-confidence, I exercised, commuted with a bike, had more dates (no happy endings, though) than i had entire past year, but it all went downhill after some 30 days, and right now I’m just considering going first time to a hooker for a quick blowjob or something (given my main motivation was desensitization because of over 10 years of almost daily masturbation).

What should I do, my fellow fapstronauts?