50 Days Pornfree Report: Erections are harder, sex is better, focus has improved, socializing is easier

Im close to day 50 now and I’m noticing a couple things:

  1. My mental fog is dissipating.

I am able to apply myself to things for a longer period of time. I feel like I’m finally finding my focus, i am able to work on my side projects at home without losing focus for longer periods of time, right now I’m trying to teach myself python and I can easily crack out an hour a day. I’ve been killing the gym lately, finally able to commit to it and maintain a solid schedule

2. Its easier to talk to people.

Not just women, everyone. I find I’m not thinking about how people see me and just act as my authentic self. Before I was only able to joke with my guy friends but now I’m able to comfortably have a good conversation with girls too.

3. My penis is bigger and harder.

My gf noticed this before I did lol. Sex is much better, I feel like I’m able to be more intimate and playful rather than straight forward and to the point like before. Also I shoot a LOT more than before. I’m not sure If It’s actually gotten bigger still need to measure but its definetly harder. So yeah my gf is happy I’m not fapping anymore lol.

So yeah never fapping ever again

LINK – Personal Changes

By – u/KhuzaitHorseArcher