Age 24 – 500 days: My sex life is way better and I really see the women beauty which is awesome.

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Yes I made it to here. I started this challenge just to challenge myself and see if I could accomplish something. I don’t believe I had an addiction but it was an habit. Who would of known I would push myself that far. Whenever I talk about it at someone, people are impressed. At first I felt proud of myself for being different. Now I never even talk about it. I completely forgot I’m in NoFap for a year and didn’t post on this forum.

At first it was hard. Often I wondered why I was doing this. Even today I still ask myself this question when I get this kind of urge. But your body get so used to it that there is no real need anymore. Masturbating is no option anymore.

How did NoFap change my life? I don’t think NoFap itself changed something except the fact that my sex life is way better and I really see the women beauty which is awesome. But what really changed me is my commitment. Something that I wanted so bad that I was ready to change my habit, even suffer for.

Since that day, I’ve been focused on many things in my life and I got so busy, met so much people and did so much thing that it feels like I started yesterday.

I think that if you are able to go through NoFap, you will be able to commit to much more in your life. The commitment you are taking at this moment means so much! You are committing yourself to success and happiness.

Now I ask myself why am I writing here? I think I felt like sharing. I am also confused about why I made these decisions after NoFap. I wonder what is the next challenge I should confront myself to or should I even challenge myself? I also wonder if I am really happy being that busy and never having time for whatever. Isn’t the modern human always so busy and that kinda sucks?

Cleverness, I am ready! Ready to face the future and succeed upon upcoming challenges.

Are you ready?

LINK – 500+ days and I don’t really care about counting now

by MiawPowPow