Age 22 – Porn-induced ED: 30-day results were mind blowing

I am 22M and I have been masturbating for 7 years, I used to watch porn, sexual images and masturbate daily. Not to mention all these habits made a serious impact on my sexuality:

1) Few to none morning woods.

2) False fantasies which I adopted from porn videos.

3) Less sensitive down there, i.e., not being aroused seeing a sexual image or even a porn video (WITHOUT TOUCHING MYSELF) it was all normal for my brain after all these years of exposure. I knew I became less sensitive because I clearly remember when I saw my first porn the thought of, I am going to see a porn gave me a hard on, without even touching myself. Any sexual images or just imagining something with a girl would give me a hard on, I would get unexpected erections randomly and could just get an erection without touching myself, by just contracting my pelvic muscles and thinking sexually.

4) I was very confident about my sexuality because I never had any problem while masturbating, everything was going well UNTIL I had my first sexual intercourse. I didn’t enjoy, masturbating and porn was my new high now, real life sex and your average girls who are not super models like punsters didn’t give me any high. I was able to maintain my erections during foreplay but not during intercourse.

I was not knowing the problem until I contacted a SEXOLOGIST. Yes, I contacted a sexologist and that’s why I will motivate you to continue reading this as it is backed up by a professional. I told him all my problem and even told him I have taken Viagra and Cialis to cure my penetrative problem as it was embarrassing.

He told me I have been desensitised by excessive porn usage, porn was my new reality and my hands were my ideal sexual partner. Real life sexual encounters were something NEW for my brain and that’s why my brain didn’t get enough turned on which resulted in bad sexual performance. He asked me to abstain from pornography and any sexual images, I asked him the duration and he said it depends on person to person, he even said this is the most common problem with new generation with porn being so much available.

He also asked me to stay away from Viagra and Cialis as then my brain will start thinking that it can achieve hardness only on medications and when I won’t take them, I will face performance anxiety which is even worse.

NOW THE MAIN PART: I started my NoFap journey on December 9th, 2020 till January 8th, 2021 this was my first attempt and oh boy! The results in got in 30 days were mind blowing for someone who was not feeling sensitive down there.

1) I could literally feel my sexual energy growing down there, whenever my gf flirted with me or even gave me sexual hints on TEXTS. I got tingling sensation down there. This was not the case earlier as I was so satisfied with myself that all these small things were nothing in front of porn, PORN was my GOD and all these small things were peasants.

2) I started loving my gf more and idk how that happened maybe because I stopped masturbating and stopped watching porn, I stopped comparing her with all the supermodels I came across.

3) The girls which were unattractive for me earlier were attractive (I am committed and I don’t intend to cheat, but I believe finding someone attractive other than your gf is not a crime)

4) I was more goal oriented and more aware of my sexuality, was not timid and actually felt like a MAN who is in control.

5) I started getting morning woods, not daily but yes. More than I used to.

On January 8th I relapsed, and that too because of Reddit. I accessed the adult section and got a peek of some images and nofap grew my sexual energies so fucking much (Which is a good thing) that some images which never really excited me earlier when I was fapping daily had a totally different effect and I relapsed hard! I felt terrible.

But now, I am aware of what will trigger me and what will not, I will take ample precautions and come back stronger. 2021 will be a better year for me and it will be FOR YOU TOO if you stay motivated and just remember why you all started.

You all are Kings and you all deserve to WIN.

LINK – PIED and my story, maybe i will motivate some of you

by amsanepsycho