6 months – PIED and DE cured. My life has done a 180.

First of all, I want to thank this community for all the support and the love it provides. Truly this subreddit is the best of all the subreddits as all of us are fighting for a common cause,

The last time I fapped was on May 5 2019 and it’s safe to say my life has literally gone a complete 180. Literally starting this was the best decision of my life and it’s safe to say I am never going back. I used to fap twice a day and now I feel proud to say that I have not fapped since 6months and I promise to never do it again. I don’t even get urges anymore! Here are some benefits I got from it; –

1) Sex becomes amazing again for some, while for others, sex becomes better than porn for the first time. If you are familiar with the feeling of your chest pounding, heart racing, mouthwatering, and your entire body heating up because you started typing in your favorite porn site. Then picture that happening just because a girl took off her shirt in front of you. That is how sex should be not porn.

2) Increased energy and testosterone levels. After just one week without fapping, your brain raises testosterone levels by up to 45%.

3) Real libido. Not bullshit cravings for porn/sex/intimacy. This basically means that when you are with a girl, you will want to connect with her and have sex on another level, instead of just wanting to have a meaningless one-night stand with no regard for the girl afterwards.

4) Self-Confidence, or no longer second guessing everything you say or do around other people. This includes being able to defend your opinions in an argument, off-handed remarks people could make will not bother you as much, and a feeling like you can be part of something and provide equal value to it, such as a college group assignment or a career where you work with a team.

5) Enjoyment in the little things in life returns. People often experience a renewed interest in certain hobbies, music, food, ETC… Also, people often find themselves slowing down to enjoy things in life such as sunsets or just taking a dog for a walk.

6) Self-Control (I like to see this one as an indirect benefit of NoFap). Going on a successful streak has a lot of major challenges along the way like intense cravings, flatline, or a void where porn used to be. By overcoming this, we are building discipline and actually strengthening the prefrontal cortex in our brains. This part of our brain is responsible for saying no when a huge urge hits, or reminding you of the consequences of certain actions.

7) NOT seeing beautiful women and immediately thinking about having sex with them. When most of the beautiful women you see on a daily basis are on a screen having sex, then all you see in women is the potential for sex before actually getting to know them. This is called sexual conditioning. When you approach a woman with this mindset, then you have basically just handicapped yourself and any good chance of dating said woman.

8) Forget about porn-induced ED, Delayed Ejaculation, and Premature Ejaculation. Unless this has happened to you, imagine finally getting to have sex with an amazing girl, maybe even for the first time. And you can’t even get it up. The aftermath of this is emotionally shattering for both people involved. The girl may think that she is unattractive or not good enough, and the guy feels worthless as a man for not being able to do the most basic part of human nature. After a successful reboot though, these problems fade away, and pleasing a woman will become a bit easier.

9) Mental Clarity or reduced brain fog. Most people report a massive increase in memory and cognitive function. For example, being able to make a story flow, the ability to stay focused during a conversation or when you are working at your job/college, and making better choices based on consequences.

After a successful reboot, don’t be surprised if you find yourself being more optimistic about everything. Also please don’t beat yourself up if you relapse it took me more than a year to reach this stage too.

I will be happy to talk to anyone who is currently struggling or just starting this as I know how it feels and I really want to give back to the community that transformed my life so if you have anything that you would like to know or just want someone to talk to, I am all ears.

Good luck everyone

LINK – 6months of nofap. Here are some of the benefits:-

by schoolsucksass2