6 months pornfree

If it wasn’t for quarantine, I would probably go to a fancy restaurant, eat some nice meal to celebrate this moment.

This is the best sub of the Reddit! You guys rock! If you need any help or want any advise in how I manage to overcome for 180 days+, feel free to reply on this post or DM me.

Good luck for all of you!

Due to my christian beliefs, although I had a lot of problem with porn, I never masturbated. However about the way I see things [since quitting], I think that I have a better vision of who woman are in general. They aren’t just a simple piece of meat that wants to be violated while they scream for more and say thank you after that. They are just like me, and they need my respect. After some stories I heard in this sub and other subs on Reddit about woman and their thoughts about pornography, I realized that… porn isn’t for me. And that’s it.

Sexy stuff on tv… well, I avoid it a lot. One thing that I realized is that Netflix is SO FULL of Soft-Porn content. Even when I open the Netflix website just to watch an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, there is a thumbnail of a sexy serie with adult content. It is shameful. And I don’t like that anymore.

Do I have urges? Yes, sometimes. Specially when I’m stressed. However, I learned how to overcome the bad habits after stressful conditions (like for example, staying until late on my work or this COVID-19 situation we are living) with good habits. I’m talking about some physical exercises, watching a nice sitcom, and now I discovered a video-game called Animal Crossing which helps me to distract a lot against stressful conditions that may give to me my porn urges again.

Now about this whole appreciate the body thing… I understand you, however you need to know that it is REALLY HARD to watch naked bodies without sexual thoughts. Our society educates us this way. That’s sad, but it is the truth. My advice? Avoid any nudity content. If you are watching a TV show or a movie and suddenly some adult content shows up in a frame of seconds which you cannot avoid it, that’s okay. But don’t think about it too much, or try to recall about that scene, or else the trigger will be turned on!

After these 6 months, I realized that… I don’t remember the last pornographic content I consumed. I don’t remember the last porn video I watched. And this is wonderful! It gives you a new perspective of things.


By leob0505