6 Months – This journey really changed me a lot, changed my thoughts.


Well. When I started this journey as my New Year resolution. When I was messed with my addiction. I was passionate that I have learned about this addiction and convicted that I will do well. But from bottom of my heart I knew it’s not gonna be an easy journey. I mean how the hell I will live in this world without porn?

Where almost every adult in your surrounding have this bad habit/ addiction.

But this journey really changed me a lot, changed my thoughts. I used to think that all the urges are natural because of age. And one has to do something like masturbating, or watching porn. But it was not. It was just an addiction. First 60 to 80 days. Were like rollercoaster. But after that I started seeing world without porn. I started separating myself to porn from roots.

There were some tough times later as well..But this is how life is. You need to continue thrive for it.

My life is much focused now, I do a lot of different activities, every mandatory porn/masturbating activities like before bath, or on weekends, or on holidays have become history..

If u r struggling, please be strong.. try to make a strong conviction. This journey gonna give you lots of confidence, gonna save your time, guilt. Best of Luck.

LINK – 180 days=6 Months.. Unbelievably without Porn for such time .

by Haseebguru