No more sissy porn – good grades, relationship, job

Hi all. To see where I started, check out this post:

Am I a Sissy?? (Actually a good story with happy ending, trust me, read the whole thing)

and go through my oldest posts if you like. I got super hooked on sissy porn and similar fetishes starting at 14 years old. I also had extremely debilitating ED which prevented me from having any sort of erection during my first sexual encounters. That was my current state in 2018. I have been on and off NoFap since then, but have continued to use all the resources available on YBOP.

Now that you’ve seen where I came from, here’s an idea of my progress so far. I have not been on NoFap since March or so. Since well before March, I think December last year, I have no struggles at all with urges for porn, compulsive behavior, or sexual dysfunction. I recently have been focusing on my dick too much during sex, which led me to look at some old YBOP articles, which led me back to opening NoFap.

This last year has been a breeze. I haven’t even thought about porn or my past fetishes. I got my best grades to date at my elite university, killed it at my summer internship, secured a very good job for when I graduate in May, and my relationship with my girlfriend has never been better. Things are going really well for me right now.

I feel like I want to explain more but my biggest takeaway is this: I haven’t used NoFap in months because I have felt no urge or push for porn or any sissy crap. It wasn’t even on my mind. For months at a time I completely forgot I used to PMO to sissy porn for 8 hours a day. It’s almost as if I was normal.

I would not like congrats, I would like to share that this is achievable for all of you. You can live that life that you want, the life that you don’t even know is possible. You can get out of this rut and do cool shit. It will be hard, but it great when you’re out. If you have questions about anything between how I started and how I got here I will try to answer, it’s been a while since I started, which is easily the hardest part.

Have a good day bros


Source: NoFap 2018, progress since then (sissy porn user)

By: modernstore99