7 Months – ED & Delayed Ejaculation appear to be defeated

Tomorrow I hit 214 days. Looking back there have been some tough times revolving around sexual experiences with my SO (unaware of my PIED/NoFap) who I see every two weeks.

Until recently, despite having abstained from PMO and related thoughts, I was unable to maintain a boner without the aid of Viagra and even then was rarely able to ejaculate through PIV.

Over Christmas we have been together often and engaged in regular sex, the last 6 or so days we spent together I was able to ejaculate EVERY time. This was a great change from the frustrated and unsatisfied feeling I used have post-sex.

I ran out of Viagra the night before the last day we spent together, but that day I was still able to perform twice. At long last after almost 7 months I think I have managed to overcome my PIED and DE issues. I am hopeful to repeat this feat rather than have it as a 1 time story.

In hindsight I believe my previous frustrations were unwarranted, whilst I had passed the famed 90 day point it was inconceivable that 5 years worth of mental damage could be undone in such a short space of time – you need to be ready to commit! Even now I still have dreams (nightmares?) of relapsing, but with passing time and each real sexual experience I hope to overwrite the years of abuse.

TLDR: After 7 months I have overcome my DE and (hopefully) PIED issues, DON’T QUIT, KEEP GOING !

LINK – 7 Months tomorrow, PIED/DE defeated (?)



UPDATE – 1 Year NoFap journey – PIED cured!

ED since the first time I tried to have sex, started taking Viagra about 18 months ago. 1 year ago I started my NoFap journey with a 7 month streak (after 3 months no sex started to have sex every 2 weeks with Viagra). Relapsed in January after an unsuccessful attempt at sex and fell back into the cycle.

6 weeks ago I ran out of Viagra whilst with my SO but was still able to perform. 4 weeks ago I started the streak I’m currently on. Yesterday I saw my SO for the first time in 6 weeks and was able to perform on multiple occasions.

I believe I have managed to rewire my brain to associate erections with vaginal sex and pheromones. I still suffer from DE but I will work on it over time.

Keep strong!

TLDR – 1 year journey, 4 week streak, PIED defeated.