8 months – Better relationship with my wife. Much better relationship with my 3 year old. Social anxiety improved.

Some of the advantages I have observed after these 4 months:

1) The biggest change is with fear. Some of the fears I had for years have disappeared

2) Also social anxiety is much less intensive, I talk more often to other people (new people that I meet)

3) More confidence

4) Better relationship with my wife, less conflicts and better managing anger

5) Much better relationship with my 3 year old daughter

6) Facing with more courage difficult yaks instead of putting them off, hiding or escaping

7) Have learnt more about how to deal with difficult emotions (frustrations, anger, fear, rejection) – in the past, I ended up with masturbation/porn or edging when feeling like that. Still a lot has to be learnt in my case

8) Spending more time with God (prayer, Bible, reading Christian books)

The biggest trigger is still stress/being under pressure. Youtube is a big threat for me too, that’s why I have used it recently for listening (Christian) music only.

I am thankful for having this opportunity to discover life without P and M.

People here and his website helps me a lot.

Thanks and have a good day :)

LINK –After 8 months without porn and masturbation

by Barnabas_